Around The Amazon in Six Minutes

by , Jul 13, 2007 | 4:22 pm

LAS VEGAS – Spiderman is out but Huckleberry is in and looking confident and happy at his table.

I was disappointed to read David Levi busted but on the contrary found him on break holding 360k in chips. I watched him lay down AK yesterday against JJ and 8c 6c. The 86er turned a straight and David’s lay down allowed him to return today.

Speaking of jacks, Neil “Bad Beat” Channing just picked them up and cracked aces giving him a hefty stack of about 550k.

Others – Gary Friedlander from Houston is still in the game with around 350k. And finally, Germany’s Andreas Krause (the guy that Dan refers to as “Michele’s Swede”) is holding his own as well as Gus Hansen.

Things are getting exciting as camera’s are on almost every table waiting to find this year’s champ.

One Comment to “Around The Amazon in Six Minutes”

  1. Venita

    Josh is now in the lead . . . soooooooooo exciting!!