Mouth to Mouth

by , Jul 24, 2007 | 7:16 am

We sometimes forget that poker players are a collection of social misfits, sometimes with a lot of money, sometimes not. We also sometimes forget that fame in the poker world is only a speck of dust on the Hollywood radar — and the rest of the world hardly knows a thing about any of our heroes/villains.

Kathy Griffin’s blind date with Mike Matusow:

(via Iggy)

ALT HED: C-List meets P-List

3 Comments to “Mouth to Mouth”

  1. Uncle Ray

    I blame myself for this one! What could be less interesting than a staged blind date with those two? (other than, maybe, any of my dates way back in the 60’s).
    Yet I wasted 4 minutes of my time watching the entire video plus another minute and a half commenting on it!

    Shame on me.

    And if you thought the clip was dull, consider that it was probably the most interesting parts of the entire date.

  2. Jen

    Notice that Rich Belsky was the “paparazzi” in the video? If he’s the paparazzi, I’m leaving L.A.

    Best lines from Mike:
    “I’m a complete moron.”
    “I’m very stupid.”

    Wow, he’s a real catch!

  3. Sheesha

    what a tool