Poker Feet

by , Jul 14, 2007 | 10:33 pm

LAS VEGAS–Kinda interesting … I don’t know where this video shot from the rails came from … either I pressed a wrong button on my iPhone (in theory) or an anonymous person emailed it into me/YouTube or it was magic. But still, couldn’t wait for ESPN to get and produce the same, er, footage — though they are absolutely welcome to it if they would like.

Anyhow, legal disclaimers aside … Watch a couple of small stacks well into the money but needing to make moves (including Josh Evans, right, shortly before he goes out) with about 80 players left. I wonder how Joe Navarro would interpret this intense, athletic under-the-table action.

One Comment to “Poker Feet”

  1. Sodapop

    OMG thats just too funny, something so pointless n meaningless can be this hilarious. those little feet just reminded me of chickens running around.