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Scandis vs. Texans

by , Jul 14, 2007 | 10:08 pm

LAS VEGAS–So I’m not sure what the Jew count is in the remaining field — theological-based bloodlines are such a hard thing to determine from the ropes — but there is one regional collective challenging the hoo-hawin’ Texans for No-Limit Hold’em supremacy. That would be the Scandinavians. They have long claimed they can play … and now they are proving that poker, to them, is like the next Winter Olympics.

Scandis that made it through to Day 5:

Dag Martin Mikkelsen — Norway — 5,700,000 (chip leader)
Stefan Mattsson — Sweden — 3,200,000
Mikkel Madsen — Denmark — 1,700,000
Philip Yeh — Sweden — 1,000,000
Christian Togsverd — Denmark — 900,000

Gus Hansen — Denmark — 61st — $154,194
Bjorn-Erik Glenne — Norway — 65th — $120,288

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Scandis vs. Texans

  1. John H

    Read at pantagraph that a Scandi named Hilm was also surviving into Day 5, though he lives in England. “Sitting in 24th by the dinner break was Philip Hilm, a 31-year-old Dane making a living playing poker online in England, with 2.4 million in chips.”

  2. DanM

    I knew there had to be a few like that — Gus Hansen was listed as being from Monaco.

    One of the plans for the WSOP player database in the near future, interestingly enough, is to break down the players by town of current residence, and place of birth.

    Thanks JH, for keeping us up to date.

  3. donkey

    Do you realize that of the 18 remaining players, four of them are Vietnamese?

  4. DanM

    I did not realize that, in fact. All those guys look alike to me.

    But very interesting, because when it comes to Ethnic/Regional Poker Power, the Indochinese Peninsula should be given serious consideration.

    On the fly, impromptu rankings:

    1. Texans
    2. Southeast Asians
    3. Californians
    4. Scandinavians
    5. New Yorkers
    6. the Irish

  5. DanM

    Oh, and …

    9. Arizonans

    246. Batfaces

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