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by , Jul 5, 2007 | 12:40 am

LAS VEGAS–Some good discussion going on below about quality poker tourney coverage. And I just found some really good stuff here at Gutshot. They are not the most easily linkable site … but their on-the-floor coverage is solid — and it should be, as they’ve been following the WSOP semi-live since before the poker boom.

Scroll down a bit to see some interesting mystery prop bets going on between Mike Sexton, Doyle Brunson, and Chip Reese … and learn about a big, tournament-stopping controversy involving late buy-ins and artificially shortened chip stacks — complete with comments from players involved:

Phil was pissed, but he wasn’t sure what or who to be angry at. He grabbed a microphone from someone and said,”Hey, I want all the media to hear about this. Everybody needs to know…” He then couldn’t figure out what to say and just handed the microphone back. He marched off to make a call and was marching around the room looking upset as he barked into his phone.


A few poker pros spoke their mind about the aforementioned mess involving how the stacks are being blinded off.

Thor Hansen:
”They are wrong and we know it. But what can we do? We are stuck with them and their decisions.”

Barry Greenstein:
”It’s amazing to me that they think this decision in any way makes sense. It’s obviously wrong and yet they aren’t rectifying it. I cannot understand why this, like every basic scenario, wasn’t addressed before so that if it did come up, a logical answer would be in place. When someone shows up an hour and a half late and has more chips than the person who showed up a half hour late, you know something is wrong.”

Scotty Nguyen:
”It’s all greed, baby. That’s all they are: greedy.”

Mickey Appleman:
”The Series does things in their own interest and in the interest of a few key players. I fully believe their decisions here are for no other reason than to subjugate the poor. If you bother to buy-in on time and show up a little late you’re at a huge disadvantage to those who just have the money to make last minute decisions to jump in. And it’s not just me; everyone agrees.”

Andy Black:
He points to the [official event clock] and says: ”They cannot even spell ‘deuce’ right, so why is anything surprising?”

We knew nothing about either at Pokerati because our frontline reporter was presumably focused on the game at hand, regardless of structure issues.

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