Breaking News: Legends Day 3 Comes to a Close!
Arizona Posse-rati Double Representin’

by , Aug 28, 2007 | 10:05 pm

OK, so maybe it’s not earth-shattering … but I take great pleasure in reporting the results of the WPT Legends tourney before CardPlayer did. No media badge needed, and I didn’t even pay a dime for the privilege! Woo-hoo, poker journalism is easy!

So anyways, yes, we they have moved on to Day 4 … with 18 people still in contention for the $1.6 million win. One of those players is our own Tom Schneider, who is 5th in chips with 803,000, and our newly beloved Robert Goldfarb, who has a little better than half the average stack with 296,000. That whole M=11ish thing again.

Blinds start tomorrow at 5k/10k + 1k.

All remaining players are guaranteed at least $34,000 (net: +$24,000) and the tournament resumes tomorrow as they play down to a 6-man final table.

7 Comments to “Breaking News: Legends Day 3 Comes to a Close!
Arizona Posse-rati Double Representin’

  1. Lisa

    Road trip! Who’s up for the flight to LA on Thursday morning? Maybe we can get a group discount? ;O)

  2. MR

    Wow Pokerati is taking over. The Arizona Pokerati branch at least.

  3. DanM

    How does that work for the WPT final table(s) at the Bike? Certain number of friends and family for each player let in?

  4. Lisa

    Oooh, is there a limit to the voyeurism? I’ve never been to the Bike. Is this going to be an issue?

  5. Jen

    Players can usually request as many seats as they’d like for their friends and family, but the requests should be made tonight when the final six players are determined and filling out their bio sheets. And those friends and family members are supposed to arrive about an hour before the final table starts on Thursday – probably around 4pm.

  6. Karridy

    My chances of flying out tomorrow:

    If both make the final table: 99%
    If either make the final table: 75%
    If neither make the final table, but the wife still says something even remotely similar to “Fine.. Do whatever you what. You always do.”: 100%

  7. DanM

    I’d like to say I’d be there, too. But it seems I can do better coverage from Dallas than I could from the Bike. I’d send Gonz in my stead, but, well … we don’t need to go there.