State of the Online Gambling Union

by , Aug 20, 2007 | 5:54 am

APCW‘s Perspectives Weekly is becoming a must-watch for anyone interested in the future of online poker-related transactions.

Startch’er week fiesty.

18 Comments to “State of the Online Gambling Union”

  1. TBR

    I watched the first minute and a half of this and decided to quit poker forever. God, we’re such unbelievable dorks.

  2. Cacopt


    Something wrong with the video. It stops in the middle when he’s talking about the 1961 law…

    Or is it just me?

  3. Fawcett

    I am on TBR’s side on this one…

  4. Jen

    I didn’t even know this existed. It’s good information, and the guy seems to be following it all very closely.

    But TBR is right… and it’s almost painful to watch.

  5. DanM

    Funny, I used to think J. Todd was a little annoying — like a little too much inspiration from Tom Green for a Chris Matthews wannabe. But with this episode specifically I was thinking, “hey, he’s getting pretty good at this TV thing.”

    You people with lives outside of poker really confuse me at times.

  6. Ed

    Dan, not to be anal or anything, but you call this show “Weekly Perspectives” and the two times I heard it mentioned at the beginning of the show they say “Perspectives Weekly”.

  7. DanM

    duly noted (And fixed). nice catch, micro-ed.

  8. Ed

    Just doing my “job”…while not really doing my job at work. 🙂

  9. APCW Auditor

    Thanks for comments, we want to educate and inspire people to look at what the government has done. And hopefully do it in an entertaining way. What we are facing is about so much more than online gaming, it’s our personal freedoms. Please join us at and Join the Fight!

    Anthony, APCW Director of Operations and Auditing

  10. DanM

    Hey APCW-A,

    You are so right … all this is about so much more than poker/online gaming/gambling. This is about government influence on the internet and all its commerce, as well as international banking in the 21st century.

    At a minimum it’s a fiscal shakedown. But isn’t that all politics?

    Ignore those J Todd haters out there, as Pokerati readers TBR often shows questionable abilities when it comes to recognizing foresight, intelligence, and creative genius.

  11. APCW Administrator

    I have haters! Cool! That’s when upi know you’ve made it big! LOL!

    Point is, friends, we are reaching an average of over 10,000 interested persons every week… getting the truth out there… and the mainstream media won’t do that… they are not on our side.

    So, you may not like me, or how I do the show, and I can certainly live with that. But what are you guys doing to help save the industry and preserve our rights?

    I’m not trying to be critical of you. But the government will win this fight because people are too damn concerned with nit-picking stupid things instead of getting on the same page and working together.

    Now, TBR, come here and gimme a hug…

  12. Jen

    Okay, I’ll give you a hug… Sorry I was a bit critical of your on-camera image. I shouldn’t criticize since you sure won’t be seeing me on camera! I do what I can with the written word…

    Just wanted to say thanks for doing what you’re doing. Reaching 10,000 viewers every week? That IS impressive!

  13. DanM

    ***That IS impressive!***

    You say that to all the guys.

  14. Jen

    Dan, you’re giving away my secrets. Now I have to take that phrase off my list.

  15. APCW Administrator


    Gee wiz, Jen… I didn’t even realize you were referring to my “on-camera image” when you said it was painful to watch!

    Well, I can always improve the quality of the program… but I can’t fix being ugly! =.p

  16. Jen

    APCW, ugliness was never implied! By image, I was referring to your comfort level with the camera, smoothness of speech, etc.

    Let’s be friends. 🙂

  17. APCW Administrator

    Yer my friend, Jen =0)

    I can use as many friends as I can get! That way, I have more people to call for bail money when the FBI comes and arrest me! LOL!

    One thing that many people do not know is that I have to make each video fit under ten minutes (You Tube policy). Last week’s show was originally 11:30 so I shortened it up by compressing the video into the 10 minute requirement. That makes my movements and speech appear a just bit faster, as you can imagine.

    So in person, I don’t act quite as much like a tweaking meth-head… LMAO!

  18. Ed

    “So in person, I don’t act quite as much like a tweaking meth-head… LMAO!”

    Well that makes one of us.