Poker Pros Busted in Carolina Underground

by , Sep 11, 2007 | 3:11 pm

Chris Bell and WPT champion Michael Gracz were playing what appears to be a $1,000 tournament with about 70 players when police rolled in and stopped the action. Ahh, reminds me of the good-ole-days of the Dallas poker scene (which is now a shell of its old self, for better or for worse).

According to CardPlayer:

The misdemeanor gambling charge is akin to a speeding ticket, which Gracz said we would probably just pay. All of those charged were free to go home and the whole process took about four hours.

C’mon, Gracz, fight the power! Make an issue out of this you pussy! distinguished poker ambassador. Sure, it’s only chump change to you, but fighting your ticket to the fullest (like the gentleman you are) could mean a lot more to all those other players in North Carolina.

RELATED: Other poker cases moving through the system in New Jersey and Kansas. It’s kinda understandable why the cops running one of these poker rooms had to plea guilty, but the barber should be in good shape to claim otherwise.

2 Comments to “Poker Pros Busted in Carolina Underground”

  1. William Rholes

    Well I just got Finished with the $5000 Main event in Tunica. Finished 67 out of 135. Worst tournament ever!!!!!When will Texas ever open up…Driving 7 @#@@$## hours for this!!!! WSOP Circuit Events suck!!!!!

  2. DanM

    Now now Billy … take a deep breath and tell us someone else about your bad beat.