Hevad Khan: A Changed Beast?

by , Oct 26, 2007 | 8:49 pm

Hevad KhanIn a podcast interview with Gary Wise on Rounders Radio last week, Hevad Khan spoke about his online poker accomplishments, his sixth place finish at the 2007 WSOP, and his antics during the WSOP main event.

Gary put him on the spot about the controversy that Hevad’s monkey noises and other antics caused after the ESPN airing of the WSOP. (For example, Pokerati’s own Tom Schneider launched into an editorial about it here.)

Some of Hevad’s comments:

“There was one thing that I did regret, and that was when Ed de Haas told me to act normal. ESPN didn’t show it, but after I called his bluff and sang a song for awhile, I realized how much of a dumb ass I was being… I was so regretful… I was like, ‘I’m really sorry about that, man.’”

In reference to tournaments he’s played since the WSOP: “In my defense, I went to London and Austria, and I was drinking a lot of Red Bull but I wasn’t really crazy… It didn’t match up to the World Series, so I didn’t care.”

To answer Gary’s hypothetical about being faced with Humberto rivering a big pot against Hevad: “I would not have been happy with it. That’s rubbing it in someone’s face. To some people, the way I came across on ESPN, it kinda looked like I was going a little bit over the top… It looked childish and goofy as opposed to offensive…”

“I had a lot of time to reflect after the World Series, and there were times when I was over the top… I look at it different now… I’ve made it, so I can take the game competitively now and be more professional about it.”

While certain parts of the interview certainly show that Hevad is still very young and has a lot to learn about sportsmanship and a career in poker, others demonstrate that he may have learned something about human behavior after watching his performance. Only the future will tell…

5 Comments to “Hevad Khan: A Changed Beast?”

  1. Sangy Farha

    I for one found the Khaner’s antics refreshing and entertaining. I saw him as a young guy trying to just lighten the situation and be just goofy. Poker shouldn’t become the staid corporate entertainment that is the NFL. Young people should have fun and be goofy at the poker table.

  2. DanM

    how ’bout the pga? because that is the choice for poker … golf or wrestling. maybe a little bit of nascar, too.

  3. tbonezz111

    I’ve been playing for quite a while and the one thing that never seems to NOT be old is the antics of someone that has won a hand. Have the nuts getting the money in the pot, catch the two outer, have a small statistical edge and win, get in with the worst of it and find that nugget that makes your hand… whatever… I will be the first to say that no matter what the initial make up is.. when i win a big hand I am the happiest person in the world.. IN SIDE OF MYSELF… but NEVER … and I mean never, make the other person feel like a simpleton when I win the hand. C’mon now… donkeys may need to blow off the enthusiasm by being outrageous with emotion, but if you play long enough and/or are a “professional” shouldn’t you act like one??!! It should be like an unwritten rule amongst the true card players… don’t be a jerk, just scoop in the chips, move along and be grateful to the poker gods that you have once again moved forward to winning the golden ring.

  4. Trey McMahon

    I went to Winstar this morning for there $400 Tournament that started at noon. The problems was that they had changed it to $200 but at 7pm without telling anyone. Over 50 people where there to play. This is clearly the worst run Casino in America. We spoke with the Mangager and was told they made a change last night. No sorry or anything….Figures

  5. Alicia

    Ok, so when I saw this article, it made me think of the YouTube clip that you had on here showing him multi-tabling sngs. You know, the one where he said, “Because I’m just that good, son” So I sharkscoped him. How many monkey dances do you think he did as he became a $40k loser?