Drew Carey on Dallas Poker

by , Dec 3, 2007 | 12:08 pm

You may recall the raid on the Audie Murphy VFW. Comedian Drew Carey thinks it’s a not-so-funny indication of disturbing trends in the nation’s approach to policing as a whole.

via Reason.tv

6 Comments to “Drew Carey on Dallas Poker”

  1. OhCaptain

    Thanks for posting this! This crap needs to stop. I got drug dealers down the street that never get raided and everyone knows they are there. Card game breaks out and old ladies need to wet themselves in fear of a police raid. Nice.

  2. Ed

    This was very well done. Learned more about the people and raid than I had just from reading the news about it.

  3. DanM

    Ed, while I do agree on your assessment of Drew Carey’s journalism, is that a slam on Pokerati?

  4. Ed

    No. I would never do such a thing…in a public forum…where you might see it. 😛

    BTW, when you heading out of Dallas?

  5. Jules

    Thank you Drew Carey for addressing a very disturbing problem in Texas. Using our police and Vice resources for this type of arrest, rather than for apprehending the violent criminals that are over running our streets is a slap in the face to us.
    Maybe with the face of such a popular and universally loved celeb addressing this, it can be changed.

  6. zachdealer

    nice video, reminds me why I am not in Texas dealing cards right now. I’d love to be back, but I’m always worried of having a shotgun in my face.