Re: Tommy Tuesday!

by , Jan 22, 2008 | 6:08 pm

Leave it to Tom to turn lemons into lemonade … a $400,000 glass of lemonade to be more specific, but still. He may be out of the WSOP Circuit Tunica main championship event, but if you can’t get enough Tom on, near, or — ahem — beyond the table, he has joined Nick Geber to do the semi-live video webcast of the remaining players.

Click here to listen/watch.

8 Comments to “Re: Tommy Tuesday!”

  1. Ed

    Who is Nick Geber? Not sure how long i can watch/listen with him talking. Geez.

    EDIT: is my friend.

  2. DanM

    I was gonna say Ed … wow, it’s not like he’s Karridy or anything.

    Seriously, am I in the minority here for enjoying Nick’s play-by-play? I mean sure, Tom makes him sound better, but still …

  3. Ed

    It may just be the accent…or that I came in and he was asking some dumb question that I think anyone commenting on a game should know. I guess it could be worse…we could have Jamie Gold there with Tom.

  4. DanM

    What was the question?

    So far my count from the Nick-Tom duo is:

    Heavy laughs — 2
    Chuckles — 4
    Interesting strategy thoughts — 2
    Murmurs — 3

  5. DanM


    Murmurs — 4

  6. Ed

    I do not remember the discussion that was going on. I groaned about it because it was so obvious and was also working…really..and I guess it did not bother me that much.

    Call Tom. Tell him Ed is watching and he looks cute on live TV.


  7. DanM

    Ed, is that really appropriate on the day Heath Ledger has died?

  8. Ed

    hold while i go to wikipedia….

    ohhhh that is why the name sounded familiar. never was a big fan but i do hate to see the younger celebs die at an early age.