Europoker Partnerships

by , Feb 9, 2008 | 3:08 pm

I think this story — about the Austrian state gambling entity going into business with the Swedish online poker oligarchy — will go under the radar but is much bigger than it appears for the future of poker … in a good way.

3 Comments to “Europoker Partnerships”

  1. DanM

    Robert, you are such a tease. Why would the company behind one state-run monopoly getting the contract for another be “good for poker” overall?

  2. Robert Goldfarb

    Well Dan, since there is no original thought, maybe another country or two (read USA) will someday see offering poker as a viable means of generating tax revenue. Growth of poker = good for poker.

    Oh, and I only tease you because I know you love it.

  3. DanM


    Perhaps … but these countries also see a value in socialized medicine, a concept that hasn’t really caught on yet over here.

    And who really needs to generate tax revenue when you can spend willy-nilly, so long as we’ve got a war on terror and high gas prices to justify it all? But I digress …

    ***Well Dan, since there is no original thought***
    Whoa, don’t go getting all philosophical on us.