Re: Poker Tells

by , Feb 12, 2008 | 4:12 pm

This new 1-minute webisode on RawVegas Poker Night — is basically like a live-action stick-figure interpretation of DuggleBogey, maybe with a little more sex:

4 Comments to “Re: Poker Tells”

  1. Jimmy

    About as bad as the comics, too

  2. DanM

    Jimmy, if you have a few minutes, send me an email to let me know what content you do and do not enjoy, as I am semi-interested in what you have to say. Seriously. Thanks!

  3. Ed

    Got a chance to watch this.

    I disagree with Jimmy. I enjoy the comics SOOOOO much more.

  4. Robert Goldfarb

    I want my minute back.