Chris Ferguson Wins

by , Mar 2, 2008 | 9:51 pm

NHUPC - Chris Ferguson and Fabulosa

Dr. Chris Ferguson and his support-posse rejoice behind a trophy, a watch (or is it a bracelet?), and a plateful of half-a-mil. Fabolosa on his lap.

He pushes all-in on a board of [cards]10c 3s 7s 7h[/cards]. (He’s holding [cards]js jc[/cards].) The audience — fewer than 80 people, but crammed together to make them look like more — jumps from their seats when Jordan announces the all-in and crowds around the mini-table. Andy Bloch thinks and thinks for several minutes, flips a two-headed quarter and calls with his [cards]10s 4s[/cards].

River is [cards]7c[/cards].

People are wondering about the call. I contend it woulda been the right decision had he gotten a better river.

4 Comments to “Chris Ferguson Wins”

  1. California Jen

    Woo-hoo! Yeah, Jesus!

  2. 85nutz

    Did anybody find out if he tipped the dealers 🙂

  3. DanM

    Too funny. Wanna place an over-under on what he left behind?

    But you know, this event was different … this was a TV stage that happened to have a tournament on it … not a bunch of tournaments that happened to have a little TV stage tucked away deep in the corner.

    The dealers here were working … not just pitching cards, but acting, dancing a little bit … for the TV crews. They were wired up and wearing hidden earphones, presumably to give them instructions on when to reveal the turns and rivers. And because it was heads-up, there was a lot of shuffling. And I’m pretty sure they weren’t allowed to say anything, neither. They were definitely working for NBC, not the players. Much different than at a WSOP event, by comparison … where you rely on dealers to keep the action moving along, to make sure all the action is fair, and to generally keep the table a pleasant experience.

    Anyhow, not to pick a dealer fight, but this event kinda made Ferguson’s anti-tipping point more clear: the heads-up dealers deserved to be well-compensated for their time, and that fiscal burden should soooo fall on NBC, or maybe indirectly on Harrah’s … not on the players who are gambling $20k for their contribution to the show. Right? Because if it were the players’ responsibility to compensate the dealers, then why shouldn’t it also be up to the players to also tip out the camera crew, the announcer, the gaffer, the producer, the security guard … ?

  4. 85nutz

    I see your point, especially in this situation. I also completly agree that the burden should fall on NBC or Harrahs. I think that should be the case for any major event, not just this heads up event. If Harrah’s wants the top quality dealers for their tournaments they should be willing to pay for them, plain and simple. I don’t know how the buy-ins were broken down for this event but at the world series Jesus told Yang not to tip because a percentage of the buy-in was already going to the dealers. By that logic if a percentage of this buy-in was not given directly to the dealers I bet Jesus tipped. 🙂