Hellmuth vs. Durrr Heads-up Rematch?

by , Mar 2, 2008 | 7:29 pm

Tom Dwan, aka Durrr, cracked Phil Hellmuth’s pocket aces with pocket 10s in the third hand of the opening round of the National Heads-Up Poker Championship … and now there is talk of a rematch for $100,000.

(Hellmuth already made about $90k from other players offering insurance on the hand while waiting for the flop.)

Phil wrote about the hand itself — and he’s right, Durrr made a bad play — unless of course the online phenom was possibly taking Chris Ferguson’s philosophy that worked against TJ Cloutier into account, which says that when you are outmatched it is mathematically in your interest to gamble. Anyhow, here’s Hellmuth’s recall of how the 2008 hand went down … and here are the terms of a potential rematch:

After I told him that I wouldn’t have lost $3,000 with 10-10–which is the truth–Durr handled himself with class, albeit he did what all the young guys do when they’re a bit insecure, he challenged me to play heads up for $100,000. Durr knew he played the hand poorly, and if he doesn’t know now, he will understand how bad a play he made in two or three years. Will I play him heads up in the real world? Absolutely! But on my terms. I don’t need the money, and I have nothing to gain from playing him heads up, whereas he does have something to gain. He could say that he beat me. Despite that, here are my terms: I will play him in the bay area, in a casino (his terms, and I echo them), during the daytime (like starting at noon), whenever I feel like it (I choose the date). I don’t need to play him, I crushed him in three hands on NBC!! He may have won the chips, but the world knows who really won the hand!!

4 Comments to “Hellmuth vs. Durrr Heads-up Rematch?”

  1. California Jen

    Hellmuth’s ego and the behavior that accompanies it would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. I don’t know if it’s insecurity or the inability to accept loss, but it sets a bad example.

  2. DanM

    Ehh, people are people, which is kinda what makes poker great, right?

    Some might contend Eminem sets a bad example by talking about raping his mother and killing his pregnant girlfriend … but it’s good for ratings and speaks to at least a few of us. Who said Phil was supposed to be a role model? (Danzig’s song “Mother” also comes to mind.)

    Hellmuth puts his money where his mouth is, which helps take attention away from any other orifices that may or may not define him.

  3. Jason B

    As a member of the world community, I can certainly come to the conclusion that the winner was the person who had the best hand on the river! I think I read that in a book or maybe saw it on the fictional tv show Tilt … either way, Im pretty sure I’m correct.

  4. Ed

    “Who said Phil was supposed to be a role model?”

    More like a mole model. Geez..the guy is swimming in loot from all his greatness but can’t do something about that thing? I swear I saw it talking to him during a big hand once.

    My new goal is to get seated at a table with Hellmuth. Even if I give him my chips by the end….I so think I could get him to dive over that table to strangle me.