Synchronized Poker Robberies in Dallas?

by , Mar 17, 2008 | 8:32 am

That’s what we’re hearing … that three games got robbed on Friday. One such robbery is semi-confirmed at a popular 2/5 locale.

Not sure about the other two. The last time guys with guns stormed in to three places simultaneously and took all the money was in November 2006, when the DPD busted out the big guns and battering rams. More TK, of course.

UPDATE: The one semi-confirmed robbery took place in an Uptown high rise. Reportedly, “the phone rang indicating that someone had entered the access code in the lobby. They authorized access without picking up the phone. Whoever opened the door did not check and the perps stuck a 9mm in the door. 2 black males. They told everyone to empty their pockets but did not even take all of the money on the floor.” One player who was there also happened to be at another Dallas poker robbery a while back and says it was the same two guys.

We continue to hear that two other rooms were robbed, but whenever there was a poker raid, we would always hear about two others with it, and only once did that check out.

12 Comments to “Synchronized Poker Robberies in Dallas?”

  1. anon

    I figured this place would have camera’s atleast. Has to be an inside job.

  2. Grundy

    Sounds like a made-for-tv movie is in the works.

  3. Trey

    Did they steal the Beyong the Table recording equipment as well? Or is this just the longest holiday break ever…

  4. Trey

    Beyond (obv)…

  5. Ed

    Trey, the inside bit of info I got from one of the guys in the show was something along the lines of…

    “We have just been lazy.”

  6. Karridy

    Actually, we have been busy planning a robbery.

  7. Curtom

    Be careful out there guys. It’s dangerous when your not in the poker rooms. Even when you are you can still be a target.

  8. pkrdlr

    any confirmations on the other two rooms or only one robbed?

  9. DanM

    Haven’t heard a peep about other robberies. Just the Uptown high-raise game.

    Funny how it works that way. Odds say there was only one robbery. But will hold out a little longer before declaring as much.

  10. DanM

    ***I figured this place would have camera’s atleast. Has to be an inside job.***

    And therein lies the problem of operating in the underground. Should be pretty easy to go to the main office and say, hey, someone buzzed us at X:XX pm. they put a gun in our faces and took our money. Can you go to the vids and help us figure out who it was?

    Surely they didn’t have their ski masks on when they got into the elevators.

  11. Grunkzzz

    better yet pay someone a little money to see the vids.

  12. grog

    They ARE on video and what can be done is being looked into. The complex gave access to the disc. They also did not use the code, they must have just rode up with a resident who didn’t care or pay much attention. I’ll keep you posted of any developements but these guys aren’t off the hook yet.