Ace High

by , Mar 17, 2008 | 9:04 pm

Ever since the PokerRoad Radio guys first played this song sometime in February, I haven’t been able to get it out of my head.

The song is officially called Ace High Pokersong by 95 Rocks.

Check it:

7 Comments to “Ace High”

  1. Ed

    best part of that vid…not the blonde chick herself…just the cleavage shots. boobs and poker…nothing goes better together. (right dan?)

  2. DanM

    I suppose blonded, boobs, and poker are a nice combo, Ed … but I am most impressed by the video production technology where the dude throws cards and chips and they appear to be flying out of the YouTube screen. Crazy.

    Oh, I also like the part where the booby blonde girl strips down to a bikini and in the end steals the pot/car.

  3. Grunkzzz

    Ok for some reason I was inspired..
    So play the song and sing along.

    Bring your fishy face together.

    Yeah. Yeah.

    I ate Sole and I got gas.
    I got fortune and I’ve got cash.

    mmmh. Got potential to be a bass.

    Wanna play me, I’ll draw out on you next.
    Like fish sauce in Vietnam.
    I berate the dealer, … just for fun.
    And there are hands when I’m a pro.
    You don’t need to worry
    It’s good for your biz.

    Mmmh… Cuz I win with a ace high.

    I win with tha high card.

    you can’t fool me.

    I win with the da ace high.

    I win with my high card

    there’s nooooo luck

    Being a fish
    mmmh… Just for fun.
    Addicted to it.
    When you lose some.
    cuz you regret
    you had that straight
    you call all in
    flush yours to fade
    I’ll keep on drawing
    as long as you get irate.

    I do a turn
    I call on river
    I lose your money
    It’s just a waste
    when I shove your chips
    in your face

    I’ll be lucky all night long
    you can’t be lucky

  4. Grunkzzz

    hmmm need an edit to fix the format of the second half but meh I’m bored already…

    I like the song though and the more I hear it the more it sticks in my head I need the mp3 now.

  5. Ed

    Dan’s comment made me go back and watch the entire video.

    Why exactly did she strip down? Not that I am complaining…I just never saw a reason for it.

    Still like Ghostface Killah’s “Pokerface” song more than this one. Wish I could find it somewhere besides Amazon.

  6. DanM

    Ed, here:

  7. Ed

    Yeah but I hate that video. I was just wanting the song by itself.