Re: Magic in Monte Carlo (Not So Much)

by , Apr 18, 2008 | 10:38 am

The EPT Grand Final came to a long drawn-out end yesterday in Monte Carlo, and after nearly 13 hours of play, Canadian Glen Chorny took it down. Ho hum. It may be the least exciting victory in recent tournament times, as Chorny couldn’t even manage a smile in the victory interview and didn’t seem to care that he just won $3.2 million. Reportedly, he smiled later, long after I lost interest.

Antonio Esfandiari made himself disappear in 8th place, with a little help from Luca Pagano, but received $266,004 for a grand showing. Luca then went out in 6th for $533,601 and his ninth EPT cash. And Isaac Baron left in fourth place for $932,692.

All of the final ten payouts, courtesy of PokerNews, are as follows:

1 $ 3,198,500 Glen Chorny
2 $ 1,866,790 Denes Kalo
3 $ 1,132,107 Maxime Villemure
4 $ 932,692 Isaac Baron
5 $ 666,606 Michael Martin
6 $ 533,601 Luca Pagano
7 $ 400,590 Valeriy Ilikyan
8 $ 266,004 Antonio Esfandiari
9 $ 199,533 Henrik Gwinner
10 $ 199,533 Stig Top Rasmussen

In other EPT news, Kara Scott may be the best hostess/interviewer on any poker tour. I took some time to listen to some of the EPT final table broadcast, and when she sat in, I was so impressed with the intelligent and witty commentary. Most of all, she seems to truly understand how to interview poker players without being insensitive or oblivious to their experiences. Here is her interview with Isaac Baron upon his exit yesterday:

9 Comments to “Re: Magic in Monte Carlo (Not So Much)”

  1. DanM

    She’s no Rich Belsky.

  2. olivert

    westmenloAA looked really bad in that exit interview.

  3. DanM

    BTW, Jen, according to Pokerstarsblog:

    It was the longest, the biggest, some of the best poker the EPT has ever seen. When play ended and the trophy was held aloft by Chorny, the faces of the players spoke thousands of words. Relief, mixed with fatigue, combined with an adrenaline daze. They had come through a mental exertion to get this far, but only one could come out winner and in keeping with the running theme of the week, it ended after some thrilling poker.

    Perhaps PokerNews just didn’t make it very exciting for you to follow?

  4. California Jen

    No, it was exciting to follow… The EPT live broadcast is very interesting, actually. It was just a very long day of play, and when Chorny won, it was the most anti-climactic moment when he couldn’t even smile or look excited.

  5. DanM

    BTW btw … $4mm is a pretty nice payday. That says quite a bit that what is essentially the PokerStars EPT Championship pays out about the same as the WPT Championship.

  6. olivert

    The prize pool of the 2008 EPT Grand Final, in U.S. Dollars, will be bigger than the prize pool of the 2008 WPT Championship.

    In order for the 2008 WPT Championship to produce a prize pool that is comparable to the 2008 EPT Grand Final, the 2008 WPT Championship needs to draw 553 players. Only 210 players showed up on Day 1A of the 2008 WPT Championship.

    639 players entered the 2007 WPT Championship. The 2008 edition will probably draw less than 500 playes.

    It is safe to say that the EPT has replaced the WPT as the #2 poker tournament series in the world, behind the WSOP which remains THE franchise for now.

    It’s too bad that both WPTE and Poker PROductions chose to stand still and not do anything to try to stem TV ratings erosion (which is a leading indicator of interest). WPT attendance is down year-to-year at EVERY tour stop in 2008 and WPT’s TV viewership demographics on GSN now skews very old. As for Poker PROductions: High Stakes Poker was NOT renewed by GSN (according to Daniel Negreanu on last week), and NBC Heads-Up looks to be at the end of the line (contract option year coming up for 2009).

  7. DanM

    ***the 2008 WPT Championship needs to draw 553 players***

    Dude, I’ll take the over …

  8. olivert

    ***the 2008 WPT Championship needs to draw 553 players***

    > Dude, I’ll take the over …

    537 is the unofficial count according to

    Year-to-year change: -102, or -16%, which is consistent with the decline at the LA Poker Classic.

  9. DanM

    yep, looks like i just lose the over-under … they finished out at 545. still, that’s pretty close to the 553 you claimed the WPT “needed.” So i’m not gonna declare poker dead just yet.