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by , May 26, 2008 | 1:01 am

Here’s more info on the raid of the “40 Deuce” club in Hurst. It was indeed another undercover narcotics investigation followed by a paramilitary SWAT-team incursion:

Hurst police said they found two dozen people inside the home, which had tables, dealers and even a banker, and was set up to look like Las Vegas.

You know, Pokerati used to defend the police for just doing their jobs, and reminding poker players of that. But c’mon … SWAT teams? That’s so 2006. When you want to shut down a game next time … here’s a hint … try just knocking on the door(s). I know I know … I’m just a blogger and don’t understand police operations — so maybe you can explain to me how, using knowledge gained from your undercover, a knock on the door combined with a marked squad car in the driveway wouldn’t stop any poker crimes from being committed.

In fact, I’ll even give you the answer to this question: “Uh, duh, Mr. Know-it-All, because then there would be no money to confiscate for us to put toward other poker raids/the police “petty cash” fund.”

And while we’re bitchin’ about the money … yo local news media … when “dozens” of players gather with a sum total of a few thousand dollars … since you’re not going to really follow the money to look into what police are really up to with it, at least do the math and realize that this is not “high stakes.” You should be journalistically ashamed of yourselves for being so careless/sensational with your word choice.

For the rest of you, check out the comments on the Channel 5 story. At the time of this posting, they’re running 11-1 in favor of poker and against the police:

marty McFly
Fort Worth, TX
they should just make gambling legal in texas

Fort Worth, TX
To use the taxpayers dollars to raid a card room where honest hard working are enjoying themselves on a Friday night is unbelieveable. Are they aware that poker is not gambling but a skill. It is worlds apart from pulling a laver on a slot machine. What a joke.

Fort Worth, TX
And why does Hurst have a swat team anyway? To patrol the Abuelo’s parking lot?

What a Crime
Bedford, TX
Cooper and Catalytic Converter theft on the rise. Even gas theft on the rise. These are the things Police need to focus on, since they can’t seem to catch anyone doing it.

Dallas, TX
Oh thanks Hurst police department I feel so much safer now. This is a joke. They were gambling with their own money in privacy.

Grand Prairie, TX
I keep seeing all these poker raids in the news, All you here is they seize thousands of dollars in cash. Lets get real, are they seizing $2,000, or $80,000. The real question I have is How much does it cost to exucute one of these raids. I mean swat team, police, undercover narcotics unit. Maybe you can look into that.

Irving, TX
I would hope this type of energy rush could be reserved for, oh I don’t know, violent criminals and predators.

The Id
Plano, TX
and they were hurting who?

Fort Worth, TX
Let me see if I’v got this right.( high stakes Las Vegas style poker game busted ) Sorry. my side hurts from laughing…… Swat team, Narcotics unit, under cover…
swat team had nothing to do.
Narcotics unit can’t seem to do what they are paid for.( catch dope dealers )
And the under cover guy, Yes Sr. I think I know who you are.
It’s a damn shame the working stiff guy can’t enjoy himself as to playing a little nickel and dime poker without being F with like that. I play alot of poker in Dallas and Ft. Worth. And yes, with police and fire fighters from every area………Guess I need to go to jail. Or at least get a ticket. Then again, maybe I should just start to play bingo.

The Id
Plano, TX
Did they also have the NSA zoom in the “Las Vegas style” house with their surveillance satellites to get a clear entry point and have snipers ready to fire if anyone tried to escape?

what a waste of tax-payers money

big bad John
North Richland Hills, TX
Micheal wrote:

To use the taxpayers dollars to raid a card room where honest hard working are enjoying themselves on a Friday night is unbelieveable. Are they aware that poker is not gambling but a skill. It is worlds apart from pulling a laver on a slot machine. What a joke.

My dear fellow stupid people all I ever hear nowdays is the police does this are that. The fact is they were doing there job and doing what they were told. Yes they have other certain units that go after the hard core crimnals. You trashy people get so mad when police officer,s are only doing there job. So shut up and stop your whinning and stop blaming the police department for doing there jobs you self rude moron.

Bedford, TX
Ive worked and played @ many local rooms, no harm is done. People that think this is wrong are the ones who want taxes or their cut some way out of the earnings. Most of these players and employees are just killing time and having fun!!!! Life is so stressful, gas prices are getting higher everyday, most of us work 40 hours plus a week. Just leave us alone no harm is being done. Cant people just mind their own business now days, they seem to when they see a real crime!!!!!!!!!!

13 Comments to “RE: Another Dallas Area Poker Raid”

  1. UK Poker Player

    This is a pretty crazy story. Yet another reason why I am perfectly content playing at poker rooms online I suppose. I will check out the comments on the Channel 5 News Story. Thanks for posting this.

  2. DanM

    UKPP, I can tell you are a real person posting these comments, but they all read like you are some sort of spammer just trying to drive traffic to your relatively unknown online poker site.

    Perhaps I can put you in touch with our advertising department? Not wanting to be a jerk … just trying to help. (link removed, at least for now)

  3. donkey

    I doubt it if it’s set up like a casino, gimme a break, prolly a few poker tables followed by a dining room table and a coupla beds. Oh, but they have a banker, yep, a real live casino. I wonder if they got a buffet like the Rio?

  4. DanM

    I know every home game I’ve ever played in has a banker — some are better than others. You know, normally I try not to get too pissy about police activities — because really, they have to do their jobs, and we all know the crimes that may or may not be committed. But I think it is fair game to question HOW they do their jobs, especially in current times, and especially when the mainstream media won’t.

    The win-win, of course, is creating a situation, where the cops can EARN a little poker money by providing legal security for the games — as they sometimes do even today, regardless of legal incongruities.

  5. Jason

    Well, if it’s not the police raiding the game, it’s armed robbers. A tip to our humble law enforcement… wait until the poker game is getting robbed, then make the move. At least at that point, you will catch some real criminals. Either way, I’ll stick to online and casino play.

  6. stevetel

    I was at Jackies on the original “Black Friday” in November 2006 when three rooms were raided simultaneously. The truth, I will always believe that the true driving force behind these raids is money going into someone’s pocket from the Indian casinos in OK.

    At one time, there were dozens of good, high quality games almost every weekend in the DFW metroplex. Now, the only way to play without fear of having the local “gestapo” come bursting through the door…or in our case the glass wall…is to drive 100 miles north. For years, the DA in Dallas ignored poker because he recognized that there was no way any jury was ever going to convict anyone of anything.

    Of all of the raids in the last three years, not one has ever gone to trial and not one has had any result but a dismissal…no plea bargains…nothing…zero. As the old adage goes, if you want to know the reason for something that apparently makes no sense…follow the money.

    In my case it worked, I know longer play poker period…I don’t go to Oklahoma…I don’t play in private games…one of my favorite passtimes of 30 years gone…because someone can’t resist an illegal bribe. Do I know this to be true…of course not…no one but those taking the money and those paying it…”know” it to be true. But I believe it none the less.

    By the way, according to my friends who deal in Vegas, poker is on a serious downturn. I wonder if this is true and if so why.

  7. Venita

    Late to the party here, but . . .

    I played at this place in Hurst once — high stakes? Please! When I was there it was one table of a 1/2 game.

    This place was just a house with poker tables and a desk where the “banking” took place. Nice people who ran it, but maybe not so smart . . . it’s a lone house up on a hill — and everybody parked in front on the lawn. All activity in and out was extremely visible and of course it was going to create interest among the neighbors as to what was going on there — a couple of us even commented on that as we left that night. The place had only been open a couple of months, but it was just a short matter of time until it was shut down because of the high visibility.

    Also — I heard that tear gas was used in this raid. Not sure of the truth of this, as it was thirdhand information.

  8. Sam

    I believe we are all on here because we all like poker. The fact is it’s illegal. Complaining about the Police does ZERO good. You have to get the law changed (period).

    There are other things I like and the fact they are illegal makes no sense to me, but they are, I dont bitch, I adapt and overcome.

    So Fold or Bet. But stop whining.

  9. donkey

    Stevetel, well said, man. I think there is some truth to your thoughts. A day after a big raid in Dallas, a dealer friend at Winstar said that they overheard the pit bosses talking about a big raid in Dallas being “successful”

  10. Dan M

    Sam, I agree with you (and I hope you’re not directing that comment Danward) but sometimes I can’t help but chase straights and flushes.

  11. Sammy

    Well the whole thing is a waist of time. The SWAT team did come into the house with flash bombs and large guns. All of this was not needed. Many of the players had guns jabbed into the back of there heads. Many of the officers even commented that this was no drug house it was just a card room. As for the neighbors and the high traffic MANY of the NEIGHBORS were regulars at the room. Some even played three or four times a week and brought friends. If the officers would have knocked then there would have been no problem. The room was not even close to being high stakes 1-2 no limit come on. High stakes is what you see on TV for millions. many of the people in the DFW area do not have millions and do not want to spend $3.80 a gallon to drive to Winstar. What they put into gas would be half of there buy-in. The “Forty Duece” had only been open for 5 weeks. They are coming down hard on other rooms in the area. Be careful!!!!!

  12. Andrew Hime

    Listening to what a dealer thinks they overheard at Winstar from a floorperson has to be one of the funniest things I’ve heard lately. What a great source!

    In a lot of cases, the dealers are only slightly less knuckle-dragger than the players.

  13. mike

    if it is illegal then they should be busted. may i remind you that they dont pay taxes on this they dont pay in to social security. it deprives other people when this kind of stuff happens. i know one of the people that were arrested. they knew it was illegal. its like speeding, you know if you get caught your going to get a ticket. i hope they all will learn there leason.