Full Tilt = Full House

by , Jun 21, 2008 | 3:03 pm

Evidently, Robert Williamson III is now a Full Tilt Pro. When I asked an FTP rep about the possibility of a forthcoming press release, I was told that there was not one planned because the information already leaked out. Ummm, putting a patch on the guy is a pretty good hint for those of us paying attention.

Although, as I looked over the list of Full Tilt team members, pros, and friends on the website, I realize exactly how many players are on the Full Tilt Poker roster and how easily a new signing could be overlooked. In fact, Williamson isn’t even listed on the site yet.

The list of FTP players is impressive and confusing at the same time… How many players can feel truly represented by a site that sponsors approximately 123 people? It would be like having dozens of siblings; how much one-on-one time with the parents will each one get?

There is also a tier of sponsorships, a little like a ranking of the kids from most special to barely recognizable. On one end, there is Team Full Tilt – Lederer, Ferguson, Ivey, Hansen, Harman, et al. Listed below that category is Team CardRunners, then the Hendon Mob, then the Full Tilt Pros, and finally the Friends of Full Tilt. Friends include Bruce Buffer, authors Michael Craig and Jim McManus, commentator Ali Nejad, Jerry Yang, and a few others whose names don’t ring a bell. It’s the Pro category that blows my mind a little, with lots of well-known pros mixed with several players I’ve never heard of. Just makes me wonder about the criteria when David Singer and Lee Watkinson are in the same category with Christoph Wolters and Roland Specht.

I wonder if there’s a limit as to the number of players that Full Tilt wants, needs, or will tolerate. It’s already quite the full house.

3 Comments to “Full Tilt = Full House”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    RW3 has been appearing in Red the past couple of days.

    Wolters and Specht are from Germany, where FTP made a big presence over the past year.

  2. kajagugu

    yeah, on what planet can you have Beth Shak, David Singer and Gavin Smith on the same line?

    A lot of these unknowns are euros, where FTP is so far behind Stars that they will sign up anyone who has downloaded their software.

    I think by now this is just a place to list all the FTP players who get 100% rakeback. Or a list of the WSOP ME buy-ins.

    I thought RW3 was already an FTP pro. I remember reading Michael Craig driving to his house to watch the four-handed ending to one of the FTOPS MEs. But I guess I was wrong.

  3. Earl Burton


    You should know by now that one of the objectives of FTP is to have a great wealth of players that they can use in many areas.

    If the game is in England, then the Hendon Mob is the draw. Go to Australia, they pop up Jeffrey Lisandro. Go to Scandinavia, then there is Gus Hansen and a wealth of other players.

    It is called marketing. That is why FTP is making inroads into the online market.