Phil Hellmuth Appears Sans Hat

by , Jun 7, 2008 | 2:06 pm

Phil Hellmuth is not wearing a hat. Head must have gotten too big for normal size baseball caps. The rumor is that XXL hats are on backorder and should arrive before next tournament.

Phil is also missing his NASCAR jumpsuit today, instead sporting a simple orange t-shirt. Granted, it has the “poker brat” logo on it, but it does appear to be a little more understated than usual.

All are a little worried about Phil’s ego today.

5 Comments to “Phil Hellmuth Appears Sans Hat”

  1. Kajagugu

    I am wearing the exact same shirt right now. I swear, it’s like looking in a mirror. Is my head really that big? Dayum!

  2. DanM

    Is he actually wearing a WSOP bracelet in that pic, or is that just a watch?

  3. California Jen

    Looks like a bracelet to me. Ego = somewhat in check.

  4. DanM

    I wonder which one it is. He has lots you know.

  5. Ed

    I thought he only kept the 1st one and gave away/sold the others. Or something along those lines.