Poker For Sale

by , Jun 10, 2008 | 10:21 am

For a few million dollars, you might be able to make an offer for the World Poker Tour.

If you only have $2 million, consider this. It’s a site called PokerRPG, and it is up for sale. Yes, you can own this website that “combines the wildly popular online poker with the role playing genre” and “includes vast community and social networking features that truly bring poker to web 2.0.” Seems to want to combine poker with World of Warcraft somehow, but the whole concept is unclear. It does have a poker tutorial, though, that describes the flop, turn, and river, as well as hand rankings. (Does a flush beat a straight? I forget.)

Thanks to Michael Cheser for the tip!

P.S. – If anyone decides to buy this site for $2 mil, please forward your photo to Pokerati so we can make fun of you. Thanks.

6 Comments to “Poker For Sale”

  1. Jason B

    Apparently they won’t accept a check or a “IOU”. I emailed them in hopes on being the next Calvin Ayres and even put that in the subject line, and they have yet to reply to my email. I did however receive a email telling me of their new members sign on bonus, if they sign up. All in all, they know how to make a person feel important! If you like responses to finanicial investments with SPAM ……

  2. DanM

    Jen, this is all pretty snarky coming from someone who cashed in bigtime betting on the longshot in the Belmont stakes!

  3. Ed

    and i felt like a dork for having the domain set up.

    EDIT: the wife just informed me that there are MANY other things that make me a dork besides that domain.

  4. California Jen

    When I have a good feeling, I go for it. $2 million for PokerRPG doesn’t give me that same vibe – go figure.

  5. donkey

    You are right, CA-Jen, $2mil for a website with no revenues, started and maintained by a college kid, what a joke. I think he is hoping some sucker will make him a millionaire. Realistically, it’s worth about $5k.

  6. anonymous

    he kept going down on the price and ended up at like 600k, then he took it off. it was actually sold, i don’t know how much exactly for, but then he ended up with it again lol. it does make some money though, because people pay for upgrades, but obviously not enough to make it worth $2 mil. but i would recommend playing there because it is fun and free. (and not illegal lol)