Tao of Pokerati Press Photo

by , Jun 5, 2008 | 7:49 pm

If you haven’t jumped on the Tao of Pokerati train yet, whazzup? It’s been up for a few hours now. Get on before it’s not hip anymore.

In order to promote the mini-podcast, here is a promo photo for your viewing pleasure. This is also what it looks like from behind our press perch in the Amazon Room. Welcome to my world.

4 Comments to “Tao of Pokerati Press Photo”

  1. edbucks

    what are those shiny spots on your heads?

  2. DanM

    According to Pauly’s T-shirt, they are solar panels for sex machines.

  3. Uncle Ray

    Those shiny spots are just “Uncle Ray beginner kits”.

    Seriously, though, (seriously is such a wasted word. I’m never serious.) keep one eye on the race book for Saturday. Pauly says I should call this Horserati.

    Big Brown looks like a triple crown winner and the horse I thought had the best shot to beat him is not entered.

    I also like Tale of Ekati, then Denis of Cork and maybe Ready’s Echo.

    My strategy will be to bet against the second choice, Casino Drive. It seems like most of the money that will not be bet on BB will go to CD. Don’t you just love initial abbreviations?

    I figure if the two favorites go 1-2, I’m a loser, but if the 2nd choice is out of the money, there may be some good value in an exacta or trifecta.

    The race is the 11th at Belmont Park, so Dan, in honor of your Dad I will bet the #7 horse in the 11th race. (Tale of Ekati).

    Good luck to any and all who want to take a break from folding, calling or raising to risk a few pennies on a horse race.

  4. California Jen

    Uncle Ray, I’m with you on the horse race today. I already placed my bets – something on Big Brown to win and have the souvenir ticket, and something on Da Tara, a 30-1 horse for fun.

    BTW, Casino Drive has been scratched.