WSOP = World Piece

by , Jun 15, 2008 | 6:09 am

A little mid-WSOP trivia: What’s the only state in the US that doesn’t have a cash in the 2008 World Series? Through 24 events, there’s just one …

Click below to see the answer, or for a little help, check out the nifty spreadsheet we’ve worked up to keep track of whose people can rightfully claim regional bad-assness:

Mad props to Vermont — arguably the worst poker-playing state in North America!

14 Comments to “WSOP = World Piece”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    You made good use of your day off Dan, great work.

  2. DanM

    I just posted it. Scott, Ed, and Dave in Fairview did all the work.

  3. Scott Chaffin

    I especially like UNKNOWN. I might want to move there.

  4. Kevin Mathers

    Well done to Scott, Ed and Dave then.

    Isn’t Unknown where all masked wrestlers are from?

  5. grunkzzz

    where is texas?

  6. DanM

    Um, right there … between New York and Illinois.

    Though I just realized this document will change, so that may not be the case when someone reads this post tomorrow. Hmmm.

  7. California Jen

    This is great! Are you going to repost from time to time?

  8. DanM

    Pretty much daily. You know, unless I am out dancing.

    I dunno, Jen, how are your data entry skills?

  9. DanM

    Oh, wait, just re-got your question. Yes, we’ll repost from time to time, or maybe set it up on its own little page. Weekend decision. Your thoughts welcome.

  10. Scott Chaffin

    My thoughts are we need video of you dancing.

  11. California Jen

    Honestly, I can help with data entry if need be.

    Maybe it could be listed under the 2008 WSOP schedule and Citizen Stack Reports in the middle column?

    Apologies all around for not getting video of Dan dancing. I might have some photos to download from my camera, though.

  12. DanM

    There are no photos to see here.

  13. benvenuto

    Nico Levi 9ème Event 13
    David Benyamine 7ème Event 18
    Stéphane Tayar 9ème Event 23

    missing some datas my friend such as frenchies for example

  14. DanM

    David Benyamine lists himself as being from Las Vegas, NV.

    Levi says he’s from London. (This info comes from the WSOP, and they are getting it from what the players themselves list as their home.)

    Stephane Tayar and his $45k final table finish is properly accounted for as a Frenchie. (How are things in Ste. Mande these days, btw?)