Go Team Pokerati!

by , Jul 9, 2008 | 8:57 am

As action gets underway on day 2B, we’ve got a few players you may or may not know that we’ll be paying a little extra attention to. Be sure to check in with CSR for some chip reports from and about:

blanton Whit Blanton — He’s a wannabe semi-pro from Dallas, who’s almost made enough money in poker to quit his job. He sat at the same table as Pokerati teammate (P-mates?) Tom Schneider on Day 1, and took a little extra pleasure in reclaiming the chips that Tom had given to Mark Newhouse … particularly doing so by cracking Newhizzle’s aces with a skillfully played 68s. Whit starts the day in strong chip position with 101,450. The question to him on Day 2 is how he will wield it, especially when fueled by the boost of confidence a near-double-up at the end of Day 1 provided.

poels-main-event Pat Poels — He’s a two-time bracelet-winner and host at Casino Arizona who’s had an “OK” WSOP. He’s made more money than most of his buddies this year, but hasn’t yet had the big score to make his 2008 WSOP highly profitable. He had some stretches of really good cards in Day 1, which forced him to make some really big/frustrating/difficult laydowns. He goes into Day 2 with 64,650 chips.

randack Jerry Randack — Jerry’s a well-rounded player who burst onto the scene with a strong 2nd-place finish in the 2007 Pokerati Invitational, and has since found much success at the small-tourney tables. He cashed in a NLH event at the Scotty Nguyen Poker Challenge III, took 2nd in Triple-Draw Lowball in the Oklahoma State Poker Championship, and final tabled earlier this summer in a Binion’s Poker Classic PLO event. We’ll find out how he handles the Day 2 pressure of a short-ish stack — 29,700 — with blinds beginning to rise.

The Big Randy — TBR played comfortably throughout Day 1, and though he starts with a below-average stack — 27,100 — the self-proclaimed top-ranked all-around Batface (cash-game and tournament results) really likes the structure and recognizes the deep-stack nature of this tourney is still in play. “Feels like ’05,” he says, referring to his first main event where he nursed a much shorter stack for four day before cashing for $40k.

Robert Goldfarb — After “Goldfarbing” his way into the main event, he sits with 21,025 chips and has just been playing his game … though the cards haven’t yet come and he hasn’t yet gained any real traction. How the start of Day 2 goes for him, I think will be critical.

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  1. Woody

    I’m setting the over/under on words per minute out of Whit’s mouth at his chip stack size…101,450. Taking all bets.

  2. tinyb

    Dan – I’m curious how you determined that TBR is the “top ranked all-around Batface (cash-game and tournament results)”? Is that based on his cash in the 2005 Main Event? Unless he cashes this year, he’ll be down for his 4 Main Events. He had a solid cash in a $500 tourney in Tunica a couple years ago, but without a cash this week, he’ll have a negative cash result in his tournament history. Celeste, Zach and I all have positive totals for our tournament careers. TBR certainly plays in larger cash games than the rest of us and he’s had success, but he’d be the first to tell you that he’s lost much more than he’s won when he’s played in the Batface game over the last couple of years. I think TBR is a very solid player and I expect him to go deep this week, but I think you should tap the breaks on your declarations of his greatness. I’m comfortable with you saying he’s the best Omaha cash game Batface and he’s had the largest tournament cash of any Batface. Thanks and Go Batfaces.

  3. DanM

    Todd, you make many excellent points. Silly me took his word for it without checking my facts. Aren’t we due for some new Batface rankings anyhow?

    Go Batfaces.

  4. Ed



  5. DanM

    BTW, Tiny B, I reread my sentence in search of a suitable correction, and I didn’t say 2008. Seriously, who do you think it would be for all-time?

    Gonz? Clonie?

  6. tinyb

    Tourneys – As much as it pains me, I’d have to give it to Celeste over Zach. Celeste chopped a Caesars tourney, finished high in a Tunica tourney and had the great finish in the WSOP event this year. Zach comes in second only because of his lack of play. He’s played in 2 $500+ tourneys in his life and cashed in both. Also, he had consecutive final tables at La Riate tourney in Dallas.

    Cash games – who knows?

    I agree, it is time for Shane to come up with new rankings.

  7. DanM

    If he asks nicely, Ed might be able to come up with a Wiki for that. Surely Shane’s gotta love Wikis.

    BTW, you are totally ignoring TBR’s 2007 2nd-place in Stephenville. And Wilonsky’s 2nd-place once at Red Man’s.

    Should online count? Then Austin Pete has an edge.

  8. son of sue

    And who can forget my Lodge Heads-Up Championship?

  9. Scott Chaffin


  10. tinyb

    Good point about Stephenville, totally forgot about that. Fawcett dealt though, so there’s got to be some sort of *.

    I won the initial Lodge Heads-Up Championship. Go me.

  11. Gentle Shane

    While this argument is interesting, please refer to Dan’s original phrasing. He calls Randy “the SELF PROCLAIMED top-ranked…”. Randy is the best, just ask him.

  12. Ed

    @son of sue – RIGGED!

    @Dan – What do you mean by “set up a wiki”? Usually you mean one thing but explain it wrong. Do you just want a simple to use/view system that stores all the Batface wins/cashes over the year so you can view totals view web?

  13. DanM

    Shane, i added “self-proclaimed” after Todd pointed it out to me.

    Ed, no, I mean wiki. Can’t explain much more publicly without giving away the genius, but if we can get our hands on the old rankings, you will see what i am referring to.

    NOTE: Batface rankings are NOT about objective stats. They are about subjective phrasings mixed with a few numbers.

  14. Scott Chaffin

    They are about subjective phrasings mixed with a few numbers.

    Translation: it’s Dan and his buddies talking about their home game.

    The old rankings are pretty funny, even if you’re not an English major with a lot of time on your hands and an overappreciation of frat-boy trash-talk.

  15. DanM

    you can find links to them in the old boastmachine archives actually. but really, that’s a conversation that we should definitely take private … unless of course there’s a reader out there who writes bitchin’ export scripts.