One of the November Nine a fugitive?

by , Jul 16, 2008 | 3:07 pm

Just when you think you know a guy comes this story from Florida, about David “Chino” Rheem, who’ll start play 7th in chips. The article mentions his prior record, including his failure to appear in court on a misdemeanor charge of trespassing back in 2003. While it’s doubtful he’ll be arrested, did Harrah’s include in its contingency plan the need to provide lawyers for any of the players?

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  1. Travis T Williams

    $900K can buy a good lawyer to take care of that little situation.

  2. Sam

    These 9 really have to wait till Nov.????? Does that not give people time to prepare, find more out about their opponents, how to play them? Someone could be running real well now and not then.

    Something could happen in life to put them off their game.

    Why are they doing this?

  3. Ed

    “Why are they doing this?”


  4. Uncle Ray

    In the past, many of us have commented on the possibility of death, prison, infirmities, visa/passport problems, etc.

    I think, for those of you who have been watching closely, so many changes, coaching, analysis will have gone on in 100+ days, that you won’t recognize the players when they come back.

    Think back. If Moneymaker were sent home for 4 months after making the final table would we have seen the same guy? Would the real pros like Farha and Harrington have known more about him in that time to change their strategy?

    This time lapse really changes the whole dynamic of the championship.

    Heck, if my White Sox would have had to wait until February or March to play the World Series after beating the Angels in 2005, maybe the Astros would have won. It certainly would have changed the pitching matchups. And would Aaron Rowand have played? We traded him in the off season.

    No other sport or activity makes that much of a change in the way a championship is determined (with the possible exception of the NCAA and the college bowl game system).

  5. donkey

    My prediction is that the November 9 will be a bust. I guess the phrase “Strike the iron while it’s hot” is something that WSOP didn’t give a lot of thought to. The whole thrill about the WSOP and the 46 days of competition is having the people and media there to give it the World Stage effect. Now, at best, you have a game show feel where you have 9 tards, who by the way, are completely incompetent in front of the camera (check out interviews at None of these November tards, with the exception of Chino, has any kind of media appeal. And Chino may end up behind bars so it might as well be November 8.

  6. Kevin Mathers

    I doubt that Chino’s going to be in a cell in Florida on November 9. The WSOP surely would have liked a better final table. Having a well known pro, or someone like Tiffany Michelle would certainly be more ideal. We’ll find out how good the Harrah’s/Caesars publicity machine is at getting these names out into the mainstream public, which is why it was done in the first place.

  7. edbucks

    One of the TARDS can pay someone $100k a piece to whack the other 8, and end up with a net profit of about $8 mil.

  8. Ed

    the only problem is if one of the TARDS is only paying 100k per whacking he will prob be caught when the person doing the 100k whacking gets caught. I would think a good whacking would cost more than 100k.

    Oh and I just thought of this…if 8 people are dead…hmmm…who could be responsible? 😛 It would make a good CSI show though…or Law and Order…or (INSERT CRIME SHOW HERE).

  9. edbucks

    Good point, Fake Ed. Can you imagine him at the Final Table all by himself with that stupid sheepish grin? I can see that little short Indian TARD as the culprit.

    The Real Fake Ed

    ALT HED: WSOP Champ Wins by showing up

  10. Uncle Ray

    Maybe if anyone is whacked, the next highest finisher moves up. Then we can suspect ESPN. They can whack 8 so that TM gets into the TV show, which is what they wanted anyway. And some of the 8 whacks can be from the Nov9 AND 10 thru 16. They can vary it to throw us bloodhounds off the scent.

  11. Poker Shrink

    Does Pokerati provide psychological services to its readers; if so, how the hell did you afford the premiums for this bunch of whack jobs?