Scotty Nguyen Defects to PokerStars

by , Jul 3, 2008 | 6:19 pm

2008 HORSE Champion Scotty Nguyen is playing on the ESPN feature table … in a different uniform. The VietPrince of Poker was decked out in Full Tilt gear last week. This week it’s PokerStars …

He’s not an actual Team PokerStars member (yet) … but considering Star’s intense focus on the Asian market in the coming years, he’s gotta be on their short list for something, as we know Nguyen has already fully captured the Northern Oklahoma market.

4 Comments to “Scotty Nguyen Defects to PokerStars”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    Not the first time he’s worn Stars gear.

    He’s like Shannon Elizabeth in that he’s able to get logowear from many companies over the years:

  2. Poker Shrink

    Defection? I think not. Full Tilt paid Scotty last week and PokerStars is paying him this week or these two weeks if he does well. See Pauly for extensive coverage of “Agent Vultures”. And imagine what the frenzy will be before the “Fall Final”.

  3. Kevin Mathers

    If my previous message eventually gets allowed, I have 6 pictures of Scotty wearing various company logos over the years (UB, AP, Stars, FTP, Golden Palace, and Cherokee Casino)

  4. Ed

    Allowed. I guess it wanted to make sure your image links were not spam links of some sort.