Six Degrees of Pokerati: Top Tier Finalists at the 2008 WSOP Main Event

by , Jul 14, 2008 | 12:52 pm

Pokerati has no horses in the race, but in a remote way, we do. As a matter of fact, Pokerati is connected to all of the remaining 27 players in the 2008 WSOP main event. We like to call it Six Degrees of Pokerati.

Familiar with the Six Degrees of Separation? Or more importantly, the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon? There’s our logic in a nutshell. It’s not the most original concept in the world, but give us a break, will ya?

Since some players will be eliminated as the day progresses, we should at least throw out the top tier – those who come in at only one degree of separation from Pokerati. Drumroll…

Tiffany Michelle: Dan and I both know her. We have been to karaoke with her at Imperial Palace, I have been to dinner parties with her at Mariealena’s, and I have even seen her sing at several L.A. nightclubs. Most importantly, Dan and I are both MySpace friends with her, and we’ve shared close quarters on media row at the WSOP. We’re practically family.

Brandon Cantu: We share some of the same friends, like Joy, Tiffany, and Jeff Madsen, and we have ended up at some of the same social functions. Not only are we MySpace friends, but he came to my 2007 birthday party at PURE nightclub. He’s practically a brother to me.

Players in the main event who are two or three degrees of Pokerati coming soon…

2 Comments to “Six Degrees of Pokerati: Top Tier Finalists at the 2008 WSOP Main Event”

  1. donkey

    If there is one guy to pull for, I like this Sliwinski kid. Pretty fascinating story how he got to the ME. I forgot where I saw the article, but he came to Vegas to train to become a dealer, played in a $334 super, won a ME seat, played it again, and won another seat. But instead of playing in the ME, he opted for the cash because that was all the money he had. He told himself if he won another one, he’ll play. And after he won the third super, he said to himself “hey, I may be a pretty good player after all” and went on to dominate this huge field. Go Nicholas! I doubt if he’ll become a dealer now, huh?

  2. Kevin Mathers

    Was on the site