RE: Dallas’ Biggest Little Game

More on North Texas poker robbery (not to be confused with South Texas poker raid)

by , Aug 7, 2008 | 8:45 am

Can someone give me confirmation that this game is done, as in out of commission? I gotta think it has to be with the TV cameras and everything on it. But you know … we have standards here, and don’t want to name it and/or give out specifics about the general vicinity until we know a little bit more.

UPDATE: Huh, wow … we are not going to name the game (yet) … because right, why would a regular Veterans club shut down after a robbery, right? Everything’s normal … nothing to see here. (And on a serious side, I may sound semi-mocking, but I haven’t forgotten that some of the people who work there are friends of mine whose livelihoods may or may not be in jeopardy.

An eye-witness guy who sat next to an eye-witness the next day put up his full report on Weston Poker. Am starting to think these aren’t the same Dallas Poker Bandits that robbed the Ashton, and then presumably The Office … but they do seem like the same guys who attempted to rob this room and failed (at least) once before. What went down late-late in the Wednesday a.m., shortly before sunrise, according to one second-hand source:

Hay guys,

Well a well known room in North Dallas, was robed at 5AM Wed morning. I’ve been going to this place a few times a week for three years, I’m glad I wasn’t there that night (although I’m never there that late). Anyway I was there last night and it was all the talk of course. As luck would have it, I happened to be sitting right next to a guy who was there and I got the full story.

1st my disclaimer, everyone was talking about it at the room, and there was a story on all 3 local networks 10pm news. So I don’t think I’m really talking out of school here.

Ok, so at about 5am the game was down to 1 table. When it’s that late and down to 1 table they cut the security guy loose, so there was no security (oops). Two players leave and when they get to the parking lot they get jumped by 4 guys wearing masks with guns. They are tied up, put in a car and told that one of them is going to go back and get them in are they’re going to kill them both. They wisely comply. Player 1 goes back to the door with the perps a little bit behind him. They have cameras, the brush saw the player and assumed he left his keys or something, so he went and opened the door.

All 4 perps are in the door immediately, the grab the brush and player 1 with guns to their heads and are in the main room fast. The player I was talking to was in the game, he said it happed so fast he didn’t know what was going on until there was a gun to his head. They made everyone get up and stand facing the wall, they then duct taped their hands. So the guy I was talking to was wearing sunglasses and they didn’t make him take them off, where they placed him facing the wall there is a framed poster on the wall and he could see what was going on through the reflection.

They went into the cage and took the money from the cage, then demanded the tape from the video. Unfortunately, they have no tape just video, they didn’t believe the brush on that one and roughed him up a bit.

They then robbed all the players and staff, took money, wallets, jewelry, watches, and everyone’s cell phones. And they made everyone take their pants off (they found them in the parking lot after it was over).

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