RE: New Hard Rock Poker Room (2)

by , Aug 21, 2008 | 12:30 pm

Hard Rock Poker Lounge

OK, I think I got at least half of this thing figured out … here are the rest of the pics, taken by yours truly. I think the bar area is pretty cool.

[flickr album=72157606872377510 num=16]

3 Comments to “RE: New Hard Rock Poker Room (2)”

  1. California Jen

    Wow, I am really impressed! May have to make a trip to Vegas before the November WSOP final table…

  2. DanM

    We’ll see how the action is. It took a while before the Venetian’s game built up … and I think they were paying pros in the neighborhood of $10k a month to play there with it. Haven’t heard any hint of players being given house jack to, um, jack with. But some of the poker hosts around LV have stopped by to check it out.

    And you may recall Jeremiah Smith (and dangit, who was the other guy?) wearing a shirt with their logo at the WSOP.

  3. Karridy

    Very nice, indeed. Their timing is about 830 days off, but better really late than never.