FTP Drops Benyamine, May Pick Up Durrrr

by , Nov 19, 2008 | 9:52 pm

It seems that David Benyamine is no longer a “red” pro at Full Tilt. According to several sites, Benyamine is still playing on FTP but no longer a paid pro. And in return, they’re possibly working on a deal with Tom Dwan. According to not-so-reliable reports the forums, FTP is clearing the way for Dwan, better known online as “drrrr,” by asking someone else who just happens to be of the same name to relinquish his online name.

Nothing wrong with wanting Dwan on the list of pros, but dropping Benyamine doesn’t exactly make sense, especially when glancing at the looooooong list of pros and finding more than a handful of unrecognizable names. For instance, take this guy.

Recognize him? Evidently, he’s Greg Mascio, plays mixed games, and has a sponsorship deal with FTP.

Just not sure who’s running this Full Tilt show. First, they call Clonie’s bluff and get slapped with a $40 million lawsuit, and no matter their thoughts on winning-this-thing odds, is any publicity really good publicity? Second, their list of pros just doesn’t make sense. Sure, their Team Full Tilt kids are top-of-the-line in most respects, but it seems strange that an in-charge someone wouldn’t look at that list of a kazillion Full Tilt Pros and scratch a few to trim it up all nice and perty. But I’m not making millions and running a successful online poker site, so what do I know? Would love to see something positive come from FTP in the coming months.

8 Comments to “FTP Drops Benyamine, May Pick Up Durrrr”

  1. DanM

    ***he list of pros, but dropping Benyamine doesn’t exactly make sense***

    I’m not so sure I see why this is that big of a deal … either Benyamine did something wrong, or he got a better deal?

  2. Pauly

    We need to consult Benjo. He’ll know.

  3. KenP

    Ben Hur
    Anthony and Cleopatra

    How? Simple. Old Hollywood with a cast of thousands.

    Really a mix of winners — however brief — and all the guys Howard played poker with over the years. Then you throw in all the real ones that are also named in the lawsuit as owners.

    As to Drrr, I think Jimmy Fricke would be more interesting. Oops, I forgot about Howard’s memo…

  4. California Jen

    My whole point was that if FTP drops names like Benyamine (well-known) and keeps picking up online pros and unrecognizable names, it begins to make their list of “pros” somewhat meaningless. And at a time when good PR might be something for FTP to think about, it strikes me as odd. Just a personal observation.

  5. Kevin Mathers

    Their list of “pros” were meaningless long ago. When you have over 100 FTP pros, you’ve long gone past the point of being watered down. The rumor I heard was that Benyamine was in talks with getting a deal with Betfair.

  6. Jason B

    With Benyamine leaving the “red” pro statis and making way for Tom Dwan, I thought the next big pro was Annie Duke jumping ship from UB to FTP. Dwan already plays in the Iveydome. Is the “red” label nearly as important and the 1,000,000 point “personal” avatar? I’m officiating starting a “Where’s Annie?” campaign.

  7. zero2hero

    I read on the forums that David B. got the boot for mentioning his multi accounting on FTP on and episode of PAD… dunno if there is any truth to these rumors as Patrick A. has admitted to doing the same thing and he is still red.

  8. MohawkDonkey

    tom dwan knows how to get his paper straight. I think he’s to the point where it doesn’t matter if he has sponsorship or not. Either way he’s paid. But then again why not make some extra money for doing what you do anyway.