Bar Poker League Goes to Mexico

Why doesn’t this sound like a good idea?

by , Dec 15, 2008 | 1:16 pm

The World Poker Store announced the expansion of its Bar Poker League into Mexico with plans to host 40 free tournaments per week in or around Mexico City, beginning in February of 2009. Liga Mexicana de Poker is set to become the licensee of the Bar Poker League and manage the tournaments.

Other Bar Poker Leagues are set to begin in 2009 – China and Germany in January, The Netherlands in February. Those ideas sound great…but Mexico? Has someone missed the news recently about the LAPT’s rather serious problems with hosting a tournament in that country? Like when Mexican officials shut down the event without warning, refused to let the tournament resume despite talks between attorneys, and supposedly seized all of the production equipment that the government still holds nearly a week later… Sure hope someone lets the World Poker Store know about that little poker snafu south of the border.

2 Comments to “Bar Poker League Goes to Mexico”

  1. DanM


    Very interesting … but there’s still a big difference between a million-dollar-plus tourney and freerolls for token prizes. Reading about Anurag Dikshit and his $300million fine makes me glad no one decides not to do business here just because a few folks in our government are a bit brash when it comes to the shakedown.

    I see more similarity between the Mexican authorities and the DOJ than with the LAPT and Bar Poker League.

  2. Herrodotus

    I´m a business comsultant in Mexico and I organize poker tournaments in mexico and yes, even a bar league will have serious problems. the laws are very vague and there are serious deficiencies in how the laws are applied and how they re written.

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