Head Case

Makes a great keychain or fridge magnet!

by , Dec 23, 2008 | 10:11 am

During the big blogger get-together earlier this month, one of my most mind-tickling new friends I made was Human Head. He’s a great writer, a cosmological thinker, and has a really big head … as in physically, not egotistically. (No offense, Sang, you’re #2.)

Anyhow, as HH writes up his trip report, he spends a fair amount of digital ink discussing my atrocious bustout hand against my most kidney-jabbing new pal, PKPNF. Argh, for nearly five years now I’ve been trying to build up an “image” as a weak-aggressive player … setting myself up for a bigger, long-term win. But considering I have hardly made it past a break in a blogger tourney, I’m not sure that’s going so well for me. In Human Head’s (accurate) analysis … my play that day was clearly inspired by this.

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