More New Poker on TV: WPT Season 7

by , Jan 5, 2009 | 12:37 pm

Last night was allegedly the debut of season 7 of the World Poker Tour on Fox Sports Net. Since FSN is really a collection of regional networks, it airs at a variety of different times depending on what version of FSN you have in your area. Also, each tournament is broken down into two 1-hour segments instead of the two-hour blocks the programs were shown in its previous six seasons. Their press release stated that there would be a “channel finder” for people to watch their programming. Problem is, they haven’t gotten around to doing that, and they’re still linking to the Season 6 schedule on GSN. Last year, the WPT created a site for people to watch previews and get details on each week’s tournament on GSN. This year, the domain name is still available for the taking (hint, hint).

2 Comments to “More New Poker on TV: WPT Season 7”

  1. Jeff Jones

    Not at all pleased with the WPT on fox. First the one hour format
    is’nt my cup of tea. I miss the travel channnel. GSN did well, but fox has its own way. I feel fox sticks shows in any old way. Showings in my area are poorly placed. ( 11pm 5am 5pm) I have A DVR or it would be very hard for me to watch. If we have such A large viewing base. ( 50 million I am told) why do we have to take this type of programming, for my money clean up the lame quips by the announcers and get me A sold viewing time.

  2. Kevin Mathers


    Agreed 100%. Especially when it was talked about them being part of FSN’s Sunday block. However, this being the middle of the college basketball season, ACC and Pac 10 basketball are almost always going to be airing in their expect Sunday time slot (and with much better ratings, even if it’s women’s basketball). If they had decided to continue with the two hour time slot, then they could’ve waited until March or April like they’ve done in the past and had a consistent Sunday night time slot for most of the country.

    However, Lipscomb and company have been shooting themselves in the foot for the past few years (the lawsuit, their player sponsorship restrictions, the constant moving of channels, etc.). When the company gets taken private, and it’s almost a certainty this will happen by the end of the year, maybe they’ll get themselves on the right foot.