WSOP by the Numbers

by , Jan 5, 2009 | 2:51 pm

This is probably old news to most, but while rummaging through an ESPN media site looking for a pic for the WSOP Europe post below, I came across these stats, which while familiar to me, I hadn’t seen all together, at least not without the summertime Fog of WarSOP clouding my perspective.

Thought you all might find them interesting, too:

The World Series of Poker — By The Numbers

  • $9,119,517 – Prize for the Champion of the 2008 WSOP Main Event
  • 28,000 – Number of pounds of TV equipment used to produce the Final Table
  • 7,000 – Number of hours taped in July at the WSOP
  • 6,844 – Players that began the 2008 WSOP Main Event
  • 2,750- number of hands logged during WSOP Main Event taping (up to 300 more expected for Final Table)
  • 175 – Total Number of days worked for the 2008 WSOP (Pre-production on May 22- set strike on November 12)
  • 124 – The total number of countries and territories represented by players at this year’s WSOP
  • 40 – Number of cameras used by ESPN to film the entire 2008 WSOP
  • 39 -Number of years the Main Event of the World Series of Poker has existed
  • 24 – Hour operation needed to turnaround the Main Event Final table Nov 11.
  • 20 – Number of HD cameras used to film the Final Table
  • 20 – Number of Main Event hours that will air on ESPN in 2008 (highest ever)
  • 15– Average amount of hours worked daily by crew covering the WSOP for 17 days
  • 13 – Avid editing systems used to turnaround the Final Table show for same-day airing
  • 6 – The number of years in a row an amateur has won the Main Event

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