Ship It!

Texas money headed to Oklahoma

by , Jan 2, 2009 | 9:58 am

I’ve been in Dallas for the holidays, and the other day — New Years Day, actually — I was riding with Sang northbound on Central Expressway (US 75) and saw this pokery transport vehicle, which I found very interesting:

It was a full-size tour bus, and was full of people as the Native American driver shuttled them (for free) across the river to that land of opportunity, El Norte Durant, Oklahoma. I just gotta wonder what Texas legislators think about the Choctaw bus, which offers daily trips not just to and from Dallas, but also Fort Worth … and on Thursdays has a special “bingo route” that picks people up in DeSoto, Garland, Plano, and McKinney.

More info about Choctaw poker here.
Bus details here.

4 Comments to “Ship It! ”

  1. zachdealer

    you must have patience to ride these, takes twice or 3 times as long to ride because of the drop offs. Used to ride the one to shreveport a few times.

  2. David Alexander

    That’s been happening for years now to both casinos….

    Nothing New….

    I would imagine a few legislators must see some money some where as
    the amount of money that cross our borders going out each and every month is staggering…

    Either that or they have their heads buried in the sand.

  3. zachdealer

    I’ve seen homeless folks use these buses as a way to sleep and stay warm

  4. Aaron A.

    Missed ya Dan! I’m sure I’ll see you sometime this year! I wanna ride that bus, sounds like fun.