UB issues another statement on UB software issue

by , Jan 2, 2009 | 11:54 am

On December 31, Ultimate COO Paul Leggett issued an update on previous software issues that happened earlier in December. It’s linked here, or you can click on the button below to read it in full:

Hi Everyone,

Here is a quick update on the recent software issues.

Please note that all players were refunded for these problems and the software has been fixed.

Tournament #2120428

A player IYKISA was playing a tournament on December 20th, 2008.

IYKISA’s chip count was reset twice during this tournament because of a software malfunction involving satellites.

First his chip count was reset from 2970 to 3000 when he won the first satellite (TID 2120487), gaining 30 tournament chips.

When he won the second satellite (TID 2120480) his chips were reset from 3720 to 3000, losing 720 tournament chips.
Both “resets” account for 690 tourney chips disappearing from the tables, meaning the winner standing up with 269,310 instead of the expected 270,000.

Ring Game’s #1162170993 and #1136089263

I also wanted to share the additional information I have regarding the malfunction with a hand involving Phil Hellmuth’s (#1162170993) on December 20th and another incorrect payout on December 2nd in Hand #1136089263.

I am still reviewing these investigations with our software department but it appears that the malfunction with hand #1162170993 occurred because of new software code released on December 10, 2008. In this software release, new functionality was added to our platform that removed players from heads up tables if they were inactive at the table for a lengthy amount of time. We believe that a problem with this new functionality was the cause of the malfunction.

Currently, my understanding of the incorrect payout involving hand #1136089263, is that the root cause of this issue related to the transferring of players from one of our game servers to another. At the time of this hand our software department transferred players to another game server while fixing a load issue, shortly after we launched the CEREUS platform.

We take these software issues extremely seriously and I will post more details about them soon.

Paul Leggett

Now only if they could issue players the hand histories they’ve requested and the full list of superusers, they’ll be on to something.

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