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by , Mar 1, 2009 | 10:24 pm

I’ve gotta say, I really enjoyed watching the WSOP-Europe final table … it was the first time I saw these episodes on TV … and probably a smart move to air them in marathon format. It offered a refreshingly different look, and featured some truly great poker. Seeing John Juanda lay down his K-5 … well it was at least as exciting as Fulham’s 0-0 draw against Arsenal! Even though I haven’t seen the heads-up yet (west coast delay), I’ll agree with Kevmath’s assertion that his eventual heads-up battle should be a model for a remix of Demidov vs. Eastgate. Seriously, how ironic is that — we all know who the winner of the near-live November Nine was, yet we’d all get excited to see how-won-it in the event that was supposed to be all about who-won-it.

But, I’m almost ashamed to admit, I think I’m pretty much hooked on Celebrity Apprentice. Annie Duke is a total star of the show — Omarosa for sure (but will she rebound or spiral downward!?! Ooh, tune in next week to find out!). Fun cameo by Erik Seidel … and even Annie’s enemy teammates were impressed by her rallying of poker players willing to throw around thousands to buy cupcakes. I’m wondering who the “Tony” was that she called … and her duking it out with Playboy bunny Brande Roderick … oh yeah!

Donald Trump is talking poker, too, and Herschel Walker’s kinda a wimp!

No offense HSP and WPT.

UPDATE: After watching a WPT rerun, I’m now watching the first rerun of tonight’s HSP Season 5 premiere. The tivo (and I think GSN) thought this was going to be a Season 4 episode. I’m glad it’s not.

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  1. California Jen

    I thought I made out the “Tony” voice for a second, and I thought I heard an Aussie accent. My guess was Tony G, though I didn’t know Annie and Tony were that close.

    I loved the Seidel appearance, too!

    I’m only hoping that Annie did a little soul-searching at the end of that episode and realized that she pissed a lot of people off. I know she’s the type not to care if she’s liked or not, but she knows enough about the game to know that the others will aim to knock her out if she doesn’t start being a team player.

  2. DanM

    Tony G, that was my thought, too … but then it occurred to me, why would he be in New York.

    BTW, currently watching:

    Season 7 WPT rerun — Matusow vs. Kevin Saul. I wouldn’t have guessed I’d be watching that.

  3. Kevin Mathers

    Matusow v Saul was the first show of season 6.

    The WPT episode on FSN should have featured Elky, Nam Le, etc.

  4. Elizabeth

    To learn more about Annie Duke and her charity of choice, Refugees International, read her latest blog post at: