More Omaha on WSOP Circuit?

by , Mar 2, 2009 | 6:51 am

A bunch of us media folk got an update recently, of all the good-fun WSOP Circuit times ahead … Caesars Atlantic City, San Diego (Rincon), Harvey’s Lake Tahoe, Caesars Las Vegas, Harrah’s New Orleans … and one “trend” of interest: an increase in Omaha tournaments.

Really, the entire state of Nebraska Iowa should be ashamed that in 2008, at the WSOP Omaha Circuit event (OK, technically it’s “Council Bluffs” … which is just across the river from the PL-namesake city) featured no Omaha tournaments! This year they added two — a $345 Omaha Hi-Lo, and a $345 PLO. But in New Orleans, there’ll be five Omaha events, with buy-ins ranging from $235 (w/ rebuys) to $1,070.

Don’t know what it means, or if it’s just coincidence that I’ve started playing Omaha. The Atlantic City circuit event that gets underway this week still has no Omaha tournaments on the schedule. Maybe the desire for four hole cards instead of two simply increases as you move west?

One Comment to “More Omaha on WSOP Circuit?”

  1. TDSteve

    New Orleans and the gulf coast have for a long time been the home of Omaha, before ‘the boom’ the casino in New Orleans with 25 tables would regularly have zero hold’em tables, some half and half games but all of our higher stake games were always Omaha. Not coincidentaly, I am now the TD in New Orleans and there are actually 6 Omaha events this year. Players want more than 10 days of NLH. I know I do, as a player and as a TD.