One Poker Player Lost to Magic

by , Mar 17, 2009 | 12:47 pm

Talking about actual magic here, not the Magic the Gathering… The Colorado kid found himself “addicted” to poker and subsequently became intrigued by magic tricks. He even invented a new one. And the story about finding an alternative to the “unhealthy” habit of poker evidently warranted a piece on a local television station. Guess real news about people losing their jobs and homes is in short order…

One Comment to “One Poker Player Lost to Magic”

  1. Brent

    The Post will follow the Rocky Mtn News into oblivion. They preceded that story with a story about a poker bust that had a mafia connection (in their words) and ran *gasp* a sports book. They are anti-poker, nanny staters with a dwindling subscription base. Slow news? Hardly. However, now that they have an all Dem government, they have stopped their muckraking and yellow journalism.