RE: Texas Poker Bill up for Committee Vote Today (3)

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by , Mar 25, 2009 | 12:09 pm

Click here to watch the meeting live

OK, here you go … click the link below to ping the House Licensing and Procedures Committee with your support for HB 222. And for those of you griping that the bill itself isn’t perfect … STFU! don’t worry, we can work on that … one step at a time … but first we have to get over today’s hump.

I’ll be letting them know that I am happy they are giving HB 222 it’s due consideration and that I’d like to weigh in with my enthusiastic support. I seriously hope you’ll do the same before opponents to our bill see this post and hijack this link for their own purposes.

Click here to insta-contact important representatives

Here’s the text I’ve included for you … but feel free to customize it however you feel necessary:

To: Edmund Kuempel, Jose Menendez
CC: Senfronia Thompson, Warren Chisum, Charlie Geren, Roland Gutierrez, Delwin Jones, Mike Hamilton, Chente Quintanilla
BCC: Pokerati
SUBJ: 222: please vote YES

Hi there your honors,

I know you have many important votes today. I recognize that HB 222 is a bill about personal freedom that protects Texas citizens while bringing economic benefits to our state. I hope you too will support this sensible government measure and let the voice of hundreds of thousands of Texas poker players be heard and given due consideration in the House of Representatives.

Thank you for your service,

UPDATE: Had Kuempel’s name spelled wrong in the first go at this … it’s been corrected … but just an fyi, in case you were a super-early sender whose email to the chairman bounced.

REMINDER: Don’t forget to add your name (and Texas city if relevant). One-click … type your name … click again … done — you have done your duty as an engaged citizen and contributed toward expanding gambling in Texas the betterment of the recognized skill game that is Texas Hold’em/making the world a better place.

36 Comments to “RE: Texas Poker Bill up for Committee Vote Today (3)”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    Hearing is now live.

  2. DanM

    argh, i can’t get the link in the previous post to work. apparently real audio and mac don’t mix? any suggestions?

  3. Kevin Mathers

    Try the VLC Player:

    However, all I get is the audio (which isn’t that thrilling since they’re talking about geologists).

  4. DanM

    perhaps shockingly, simply downloading Real Player for mac worked. Am watching it now!

  5. Ken

    As of 1:02 Az time, they are talking about Geologists etc.. Nothing about HB 222 just yet..

  6. Charles Williams

    semicolons, not commas… 🙂

  7. DanM

    it totally works, dude, as is! did it not for you?

  8. DanM

    i’m not sure what bill they are discussing right now, but i like the point they are making that texas should take every opportunity possible to increase state revenue without raising property taxes.

  9. DanM

    i can see Lavigne! And I think Michele’s head!

    CORRECTION: Wasn’t them. They’re outside the chamber right now.

  10. DanM

    When we can embed this sorta stream on pokerati, then life will be really sweet. 🙂

  11. Kevin Mathers

    I’m watching on good old Windows. I don’t know when this poker bill’s coming up, but the package store discussing is fascinating.

  12. Ed

    Am I late? Sent the email but I have this itchy feeling that I got to the site a bit late for the news.

  13. Ken


    I feel for the poor soul who said he will LOSE money if he is ‘forced’ to open up on Sunday..

  14. DanM

    You’re probably kidding … but really, it is pretty fascinating to see how the whole system/game works at what is essentially the 2/5 or maybe 5/10 level of politics here.

    Real people real business with an interest financial and otherwise in someone else’s idea to improve the role of liquor sales in society.

    Seven more bills to go before they get to poker … yikes, this could take a while. 🙂

  15. DanM

    Ed, you made it in plenty of time … and surely they will take a break at sometime before they get to us, at which point the reps will either check their blackberries or their staffs will clue them in on what’s been coming in over the internet/phone transom.

  16. Kevin Mathers

    They may be jumping around, the first item up for discussion at the hearing was something well down on the list.

  17. jeff

    anyone have an update, busy playing SNG’s,dont want to lose my concentration

  18. DanM

    yes, right now it looks like it’s gonna be a very tight vote on whether or not liquor stores should be allowed to open on sundays.

    they are weighing the financial impact of allowing people to cross the border into mexico and bring back duty-free booze on the sabbath.

  19. Kevin Mathers

    Apparently, they’re not close to discussing poker.

  20. jeff

    im on the edge of my seat, thnks….on the sunday issue that is

  21. Ken

    Where is the list of bills being introduced today?


  22. DanM

    here’s the link again … but supposedly they’re jumping around.

  23. DanM


    i really am, too … am getting tired of it — vote already! … but it’s been good stuff. honestly, if this were to pass, it would be a pretty medium-big story in texas.

  24. DanM

    ooh, they’re starting to talk casinos (in poo-pooing louisiana)!

  25. Kevin Mathers

    HB 222 now up.


  26. DanM

    Ooh. Menendez just got chastised with a wink-wink that his poker bill is at stake if he doesn’t play ball with the chairman!

  27. Ed

    messed around on the dev site with embedding the video but only got the audio working. god i hate real player.

  28. Ken

    Its on like Donkey Kong… 🙂

  29. DanM

    They’re calling it “three deuces” … nice!

    We’re up!

  30. Kevin Mathers

    Now HB 222 discussion has started.

  31. Ken

    Probably not going to vote until there is a full committee..

  32. Ed

    If my wife knew I was watching this stream she would start calling me a poker nerd again.

  33. tommytwotoes

    any updates?(4:50-5pm central time) I cant watch the video at work…

  34. tommytwotoes

    i now see that your server is not on central time.thus i posted two minutes after the last guy and not 2 hours…

  35. Ed

    nothing yet…just explaining the bill.

  36. DanM

    I’m updating here: