Why It’s Bad to Slowroll

Bad cardplay, emotional taunts lead to famine, pestilence, war

by , Mar 9, 2009 | 12:37 pm

Tom Dwan doesn’t slowroll, and you shouldn’t either.

My latest Bluff column is now up online … in this episode I call out the Scandis for potentially causing a violent international incident:

Without a doubt, for low stakes players MGM cash games can be a test of nerves…. Little did I know it would be a test of my sanity, not to mention my criminal intent.

The villain in this story is a slowroller, so I’m sure most will understand. Before the night was over he had an entire table plotting revenge. The plan was to gang-tackle him in an elevator, beat him senseless, take his money, then beat him some more, and then, just to let him know we weren’t really crooks, roll up the cash and wedge it in his facial orifices. Or at least that’s what one of us was thinking… that’ll teach him proper etiquette!

3 Comments to “Why It’s Bad to Slowroll ”

  1. StB

    Nice article. Would have been better if you hit him with a beer bottle.

  2. John H

    I read the whole article, then shot over here for a peek at the other current stuff. You could make a pretty solid book based solely on good/bad poker mannerisms.

    On a separate note, I pop in and out of here only occasionally…how long have you been full time in Vegas? It seems like over a year now. Are you holding steady or making a living playing these days, with the Bluff assignment strictly for entertainment? Just curious…

  3. DanM

    ***Are you holding steady or making a living playing these days***

    “Steady” is a funny word … have you seen my bankroll graphs? Definitely not making a living at the tables. I blame the economy.