Jamie Gold / Aced Poker Parting Ways?

by , Apr 30, 2009 | 11:29 am

That’s the unconfirmed word on the street … despite what seemed like a semi-big win for Team Aced/Gold at Dream Team Poker … Dream Team can probably go ahead and retire that jersey set, because the new online poker site and former WSOP main event champion supposedly have broken up.

No details yet … just third-hand information over here. But I’m hearing that either Gold said hey, time to pay up and they didn’t have the cash, or Aced said, yo, Jamie, where are all those players you promised us?

Either way … assuming that some element of the above is true, is it shocking that this didn’t last?

24 Comments to “Jamie Gold / Aced Poker Parting Ways?”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    I’m surprised it ended this quickly (less than 3 months). As with most things, it probably is a combination of the two; so maybe we can get another lawsuit out of this one.

  2. scott diamond

    Wow, big news right before the WSOP too! Where was this coming from?

  3. Kevin Mathers

    I heard about it yesterday on the Hardcore Poker Show yesterday from one of the co-hosts that was in Monte Carlo.

  4. DanM

    LOL, OK, we’ll give them their due props!

  5. Ed

    Is Jamie Gold worth talking about these days? If I had to choose between him and that Celebrity Apprentice crap I would rather listen to news about the latter.

  6. DanM

    Ed, we can’t help it that you have not given Celebrity Apprentice the chance it deserves. No wonder you don’t care about Jamie Gold either. Nazi.

  7. Kevin Mathers

    As mentioned on the Poker Beat, Scott Huff mentioned there was an issue of “bankroll management” on one of the sides. Considering how Jamie would brag on Pokerroad about how he dropped a bunch of money on the site when he started to play on Aced…

  8. Ed

    Jamie gold is pretty much a one hit wonder that got super lucky…next.

  9. scott diamond

    It is true they parted ways, Jamie will be issuing a press release this weekend.

  10. Lisa Wheeler

    Take it from me. Aced got me for a lot of work, didn’t pay for it, and didn’t live up to their side of the contract. I do know that Jamie went all out to promote the site, and paid for much of the travel to Ireland. Remember the Oscar party. Well, that ended up to be another pro-bono effort on behalf of GreasieWheels. Aced.com is just another introductory online poker room that duped a few of us into supporting nothing more than a publicity stunt. These jokers are impossible to track down, so chalk another one up for scammers.

  11. scott diamond

    Nothing against Jamie and his girlfriend, But Dream Team should take all the pictures off their site showing anything to do with Aced Poker.

    Just put another picture of Jamie up saying it was his team who won the event.

    Shame on those Aced Poker execs who think they can take from reputable people.

  12. DanM

    Sigh … sorry to hear that Lisa. I really wanted to believe that some of these new sites actually had some potential. Doesn’t surprise me though.

  13. Ed

    ::cough duplicate poker cough::

  14. Graham

    Comparing this to duplicate poker is retarded. Duplicate Poker came up with a stupid idea, spent way too much money and gambled on the fact that all poker rooms would pull out of the US (which they obviously didn’t). I’d wait to hear if this is confirmed before jumping to conclusions, but anything is possible.

  15. DanM

    I think you make a fair point, Graham. Duplicate poker did rip a few people off though (including yours truly). I agree that it is a little too early to come to any conclusions. I suppose you can look at my above assertions as the de facto presumption. We’ll see, but I clearly have a bias as to what I think we’ll find based on how it’s currently shaping up.

  16. scott diamond

    Ed, are you choking on your own coffee brand there? The real story here is not Jamie Gold but how Aced Poker is a bunch of thieving,swindling two faced individuals.

    Acting like they are some sort of upper class individuals who now seem no better than most of the people I have put in LA County Jail!

  17. Ed

    Oh they suck too. I just don’t care for Jamie Gold so this story does nothing for me when I read it.

    It is kind of like the old adage “You get what you pay for”. He went with some “unknown” crap site…and he got bent over the table and violated with their big stack.

  18. scott diamond

    Have you ever met Jamie Gold? Have you ever sat down to talk with him? Are you basing your decision of him because of one Poker Tournament on TV that was edited?

    If I ever have the chance to meet Jamie, I will make sure he looks you up here and say’s hello.

    For you sir, I will make sure there is a little prayer for you tonite. It appears you are an unhappy person and need to vent your frustrations in a great Poker Forum.

    We all appreciate you do, or there would be nothing to discuss at the Poker table when we are playing.

    “Hey you know that guy, EDBUCKS, have youread his last post?”

    Good Night Sir

  19. Ed

    If I met Jamie Gold I would prob end up sticking a pencil in his eye. Certain people can annoy me from afar. He has been one of them. I am a very happy person…which is why I think there should be fewer douchebags in the world.

    Night. Sweet dreams and stuff.

  20. DanM

    Scott, be careful where you’re treading here … Ed’s perspectives have been welcome around these parts for many many years, and you think I’m kidding, but he’s one of the three most powerful people in the internet (or at least the Pokerati universe).

    (Seriously, Ed, Ed, Ed … please … take your finger off the switch!)

    Also, fyi, EDBUCKS is different from Ed. He’s kinda like his less powerful evil twin.

  21. Ed

    “Also, fyi, EDBUCKS is different from Ed. He’s kinda like his less powerful evil twin.”

    Does that guy still come around under that name or did he find another person to impersonate? Maybe things have been busy in Richardson or wherever he calls home.

    And don’t you worry about me Dan. You would have to be a douche in front of millions of people to get on my “unhappy” side.

  22. DanM

    ***You would have to be a douche in front of millions of people***

    We’re workin’ on it, Ed! We’re up well into the 10s of thousands now. Edbucks still pops in every so often. C’mon, he’s harmless …

    (Scott, you see, Ed kinda hates Edbucks, but to electronically execute him requires a 2/3 majority amongst the power triad. Ed voted yes, I voted no, and The Other abstained.)

    OK, sorry for the backstory … back to Jamie Gold … We’re done with this topic, right? Conclusion being that damn, so most likely Aced didn’t have the backing they needed to compete in the already plenty saturated American-friendly online poker market … and in the process they kinda screwed over Jamie Gold, Lisa Wheeler, and probably lots of others. Right?

    I’m sure the screwees saw some red flags along the way, but wanted to hold out some hope for the goodness of an upstart and continued on in good faith. Often times when there are several potential screwees all working together and making good stuff happen (winning Dream Team, throwing cool events, putting the marketing wheels in effective motion, etc.) it’s enough to keep everyone holding out that hope that their checks will arrive. Total bummer. Sucks, actually. But we all know the risks in this business, and have all taken our financial lumps along the way from the likes of Aced Poker, Duplicate Poker, the Poker Bowl …

    Sometimes you like your chances on a draw and just don’t get there, ya know?

  23. scott diamond

    Thanks Dan for the heads up,I was just having a little internet banter with Ed, I do not think I crossed the line with you Ed, did I?

    Anyway, I do know Jamie personally and have spoken with him many times.Everyone is entitled to their opinion about others and I respect that.

    My only thing is do not stereotype those from seeing them on TV Poker Shows. Look what ESPN did to Tiffany Michelle. She was wrong in some of her decisions, but I also know Tiff and she is a very pleasant girl and well liked.

    Have a nice day sir:)

  24. Vinny B.

    Jamie Gold did exactly what anyone whoever played in the Main Event dreams of doing: Running over everyone in his way.

    Over the years that I have been watching poker, I have heard some ridiculous criticism of Gold, Moneymaker, Yang, the fat dude with the silly sunglasses, and Varkonyi. They all have one thing in common, and you know what it is. I think the people who rip them look petty and jealous.