PPA Ready to Join Texas Fight

by , Apr 24, 2009 | 1:04 pm

The PPA has been keeping an eye on Texas for a while … seeing it as a potential “battleground state”. Now it seems they’re ready to put some resources behind it, as they’ve launched a new website to anchor their Texas efforts:


I contacted retired Pokerati-er and the PPA’s Texas state director, Lavigne in Austin for an interview on this web development, a transcript of which is pasted below:

Michalski: This is good, right?
Lavigne: Yes

3 Comments to “PPA Ready to Join Texas Fight”

  1. Alicia

    I love that you ask the hard hitting questions. Thanks for the morning giggle

  2. BJ Nemeth


  3. DanM

    Thanks for the props, dude. Journalism is easy. I remember my probing question for Jim McManus in a 2004 interview:

    “So … poker.”