Russ Hamilton Sightings

by , Apr 1, 2009 | 2:27 pm

We’ve called him the Bernie Madoff of Poker, but really, that moniker may no longer be apropos … because Bernie’s in jail. Now he’s more like the OJ Simpson of Poker … a man who most believe has so far gotten away with a shameful crime. Sure, no one has died yet, but honestly, it’s only a matter of time, isn’t it? Folks are still being protective of names, but I keep hearing stories of people who were ripped off by Russ Hamilton the way Mike Matusow claims he was … playing heads-up matches, losing, having Hamilton ship the money back to them, losing again, repeat … pay him off in cash. The results have been mortgaged houses, broken marriages, dangerous drug binges, and near-nervous breakdowns. We are talking very real lives here being very really fucked up … and all accuse the same man, who has thus far dodged criminal prosecution.

What makes it worse for these folks is that they haven’t gotten any refunds from Ultimate Bet — because either they paid off their “debts” in cash, or they too have been flagged for further investigation because of the large money transfers between them and Hamilton. So with that in mind, and some $60 million that would otherwise be in the Poker Economy unaccounted for … it’s always interesting to know what this man who has been convicted of nothing (and, sadly, charged with nothing) is up to.

Micon from Neverwin spotted him recently playing 2/5 NL at Red Rock:

Elsewhere around town, reliable sources tell us Hamilton recently played a bar freeroll at one of the pubs at Flamingo and Jones. (Still seeking confirmation on the bar’s name.) No buy-in and no prizes beyond bar tabs and food coupons. Supposedly playing with him in this same event (about six weeks ago?): Layne Flack.

No word on whether either of them made the final table.

More Matusow on Hamilton’s impact here. (Scroll halfway down.)

UPDATE: The bar where Flack and Hamilton were spotted playing a freeroll is Torino’s.

10 Comments to “Russ Hamilton Sightings”

  1. scott diamond

    2-5 huh…..I hope there taking his hard earnrd money from him. Wonder if anyone else recognizes him there?

  2. Poker Shrink

    Wonder if any of the big rooms in Vegas have quietly banned Hamilton?

  3. Pauly

    Did Micon take off his shoe and throw it at Russ?

  4. F-Train

    Isn’t OJ in jail now too?

  5. DanM

    I meant OJ in the sense that when he was a free man he wasn’t really a free man. a lot of golfing and looking over his shoulder.

    got a better suggestion, F-train?

  6. DanM

    ***Did Micon take off his shoe and throw it at Russ?***

    Funny, Pauly, as I am sure he woulda LOVED to have gotten on that table. I’ve seen Micon berate Sklansky at the table before simply by talking about him as if he wasn’t there.

    I can imagine the same thing … it’s what I would do if I were at a table with Russ … “So, what do you guys think about that Ultimate Bet thing? Have you heard about Russ Hamilton? I wonder what kinda karma he deserves …”

  7. Pauly

    I was more alluding to the journalist in Iraq who threw his shoe at Bush II. Would have been hysterical to see a cellphone video of Micon kicking his flip flops at Russ.

  8. DanM

    Yeah, I know … but is clogging Russ Hamilton really worth three years in an Iraqi prison? Call me unprincipled, but I’d rather just pester and shame him with scorn and contempt.

  9. John Powell

    i used to live in memphis and i would buy a little weed from a certain gang. i saw first hand their crew which they say numbers in the 1000’s which collude on poker stars full tilt AP UB and many others. they launder their drug money this way. this is just hearsay but they told me there is a hit out on not just russ but several others including phil hellmuth. they say phil knew and even if he didn’t they say he did. this gang probably has a million members throughout the entire world and their mo is to use spoons and irons on the the children and family members of their targets. now maybe they were just talking but think about it. this guy rips off gangs that are cheating and laundering drug money on a global scale and then it becomes public knowledge. i have seen 5 dead bodies outside my apartment and know that they do not care about even their own lives much less those that have stolen from them. i know that online poker is not only illigit but it screws up your poker game playing against people that have most or all of the hole cards is going to destroy your game in time. they also said anyone backing russ is a target as well. again this is just what some 16 year old kid told me but i also know for a fact that they move drugs and launder money through online poker sites. they kill someone just about every day in memphis and say they are connected around the world. i know that if i were russ hamilton or phil hellmuth i would be hiring me some heavy duty 24/7 365 body gaurds armed to the teeth. even if that is not true think about all of the unstable mentally ill people that have had their lives completely screwed by online poker. now they are on the streets with no meds or help and they see russ out on the town livin large. just think what the odds on that one are. i say about 99.9% that some nut will do him in or at least try to. and i’m not mad at russ at all. i never deposited money online other then that givin to me by the sites themselves. i have no idea if phil who was bought on board at UB by Russ Hamilton knew about it. if i was betting i would say he did. anyway i’m just letting you guys know that there are really bad really young really powerful kids out there that want these people to pay. you don’t dis these guys and live and i say they will be the ones to make them pay not the us govt. i geuss time will tell.

  10. Ryan Escalante

    Russ was playing next to me over the weekend at The Golden Nugget casino in Vegas. He bought in for 15 hundo in a 1-2 no limit game… freaken donk!