Pre-Game Warm-Up / Bowling Tilt

by , May 27, 2009 | 12:22 pm

I hate this video … but it is what it is — bowling for dollars with Pauly and Jen:

Just to keep track of the prop betting that we’re willing to publicly acknowledge here’s how it’s broken down so far:

$60 from Dan -> Jen (for G’s to Gents payoff)
$30 from Jen -> Dan (for bowling, two games at $15 each)
$40 from Dan -> Pauly (for bowling, two games at $20 each)

Dan <-> Jen: $20 over/under on 300 teams at the Dream Team Poker event
Dan <-> Kevin: $100 that his team of ESPN fantasy scrubs can beat 6 of the 11 official selections

One Comment to “Pre-Game Warm-Up / Bowling Tilt”

  1. Bundas

    I have to say I like the Retro Real Deal shirt Dan has on !!