RE: Political WTF in Texas

Don’t let poker get Rick-rolled

by , May 8, 2009 | 12:46 pm

From the PPA:

Subject: Governor Perry blocking vote on poker bill-Please call now!

Earlier today the Texas House of Representatives was scheduled to vote on HB 222 –- a bill that would license and regulate poker in the state of Texas. I have since learned that this historic moment is being blocked by the Governor Rick Perry.

Please call the Governor’s office today and tell him:

(800) 252-9600

· Allow a vote on HB 222
· Texans should be allowed to play Texas Hold’em.
· Don’t block action on this bill

Please take immediate action!

Proud to play,

4 Comments to “RE: Political WTF in Texas ”

  1. pinkerton

    For those of us in cubicle hell at work, I plan on making my concerned citizen plea at.

    Don’t get too emo and you’ll probably be heard better.

  2. DanM

    Nice, pinkerton, yes … let’s hit him on multiple fronts. It’s what our opponents are doing, and we know we’re bigger than them!

  3. Mean Gene

    I wouldn’t think a member of the executive branch could prevent a vote by members of the legislative branch. Admittedly my knowledge of the Texas political system is thin and since Perry is gonna pull yinz out of the Union it’s not a subject I plan on spending much time on.

  4. Jonah Poker

    Bush correctly used the reserves recently when Hurricane Ivan upset the flow from Texas and the Caribbean. Jonah Poker