Celebrity Follow: Lou Diamond Phillips

by , Jul 12, 2009 | 10:25 am

Lou Diamond Phillips is the lone (non-poker) celebrity remaining in the main event, with a respectable 607,000 chips. (Avg. is 481k.) I’ve played with him once before … and it was a memorably odd night of poker, to say the least.

The recap of that eve has been lost in the old-old Pokerati archives, but I was able to dig up some pics from that eve:

(L to R) Lou D Phillips, Clonie, and The Big Randy in an intense hand of 50-cent-dollar no-limit hold’em at The Lodge.

LDP (as we called him before he became @LouDPhillips) was in town for the Deep Ellum Film Festival, so Robert Wilonsky invited him to a $.50/$1 Batface game at The Lodge. Clonie Gowen and Rick Fuller were there, as was David Williams I believe. Lou was actually running over the table … building his stack to about $700, which was very threatening in that game. Then Jerome Bettis showed up (out of nowhere and uninvited, btw) … The Bus was apparently at The Lodge on unrelated lap-lovin’ business, and couldn’t help but pull away when he heard there was a poker game going on in the champagne room.

Ahh, remember the good-ole-days of 2005, when poker was on its exponentially fast pop-cultural rise, and nights like these happened all the time?

But then things got kinda strange as Lou began playing shirtless and was flexing whenever he pushed all-in …

Bizarre, I know … but hey, it’s a small poker world.

2 Comments to “Celebrity Follow: Lou Diamond Phillips”

  1. Lisa

    I’m not sure what the most disturbing part of this post is, there are a few options.

    1) That you bothered to dig up these photographs.
    2) That you bothered to take these photographs in the first place.
    3) That he is bizarrely hairless.
    4) That I’ve taken the time to reply.
    5) That you have an unrequited man-crush. And the unrequited part is just speculation on my part.

  2. Karridy

    I just think it’s sad that LDP’s hand is stuck that way. Had to make it tough to get his shirt unbuttoned. I’m guessing Dan was creepishly eager to help, tho.