Schneider Climbs to Chip Lead with Matt (Not Ben’s Brother) Affleck

by , Jul 12, 2009 | 2:21 pm

In an effort to spread the Pokerati name as far across the interwebs as possible, Tom Schneider has soared into the chip lead or close enough for our unofficial chip counting tastes in Day 5 of the Main Event.

According to Aaron of PokerWorks, Tom opened the pot to find a raiser in Kevin Saul. Tom reraised, at which point Kevin shipped for just over 1 million. Tom called and was covered by about 50K, but he flipped over pocket aces. Kevin showed A-K, and the board blanked to knock cripple Kevin and catapult Tom to somewhere near the 2.1 million-chip range. That puts him in the chip lead and one of only three players to have made it above the 2-million mark.

At the first break: @DonkeyBomber 2.2 million. 315 left

Funny (or not) that Tom’s all-in wasn’t covered at all by the ESPN cameras, and the official media of the WSOP is stretched awfully thin today and missed it.

UPDATE: Tom ended the day with 3.16 million. According to @Karridy, that’s 5th out of the 185 remaining players.

2 Comments to “Schneider Climbs to Chip Lead with Matt (Not Ben’s Brother) Affleck”

  1. Ed

    GO TOM! I always knew you could compete with the best of them!

  2. melissa h

    go donkeybomber! and good job on kevin saul who, i saw in one hand treat his opponent and the dealer like shit. and kevin saul hand his opponent drawing dead!

    very exciting! good luck!