RE: Day 1d Sells Out, Big Names Shut Out

by , Jul 6, 2009 | 1:33 pm

We could see a change on the fly … according to hubbub I’m picking up on Pokerati’s Live Source feed, about 500 players have been shut out of the main event — which interestingly enough makes the semi-arbitrary difference between being bigger or smaller than last year — and the suits are discussing how to handle the situation … if anything beyond, “hey, sorry.”

What we’re picking up (from the likes of Shrink and others) is that Mike Sexton has been unofficially appointed the players’ ambassador, and he is representing them while speaking to Jack Effel, who is in consult with the other suits. Craziest option might be alternates. Adding a Day 1e also on the table.

Obviously we’ll all know soon enough how it turns out, as we don’t know how either of the above thoughts have been received.

UPDATE: Yet another possibility (via @timlavalli):

(Overheard) Start the late reg. players at 3 PM, have them play four levels and toss them in with the Day 1A-B players tomorrow.

Seems like they are considering everything. I’d like to throw out the possibility of bringing everyone back, reseating, re-daying, and just having a do-over.

Best anecdotes of near-mutiny here.

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